The Best Yoga Poses for Flat Abs – Video Workout for Beginners


Yoga Poses for Abs
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Is yoga good for abs? Can yoga tone your stomach? Learn the 4 easy yoga poses for flat abs and tight stomach. Strengthen your abdominal muscles with yoga poses.

Yoga has been known to help people regain their sense of focus and build their inner strength. However, it also has the power to keep people’s weight in check. It’s not always about the flexibility, it’s about doing it with the right posture and strength. Through yoga, you can achieve a much healthier physique and tighter core. Here are some of the yoga poses for abs you can try doing on a regular basis and get that much-awaited flat stomach!

1. How do you do a Chair Pose?

The Chair Pose is also known as Uthkatasana. This yoga pose really works well in toning your muscles because this is achieved by pretending you’re sitting on a chair. While breathing properly, you should raise your hands up in the air, having it almost perpendicular to the floor. Focusing is a must with this pose so you can attain tight and strong muscles on your thighs and buttocks.

2. How do you do a Boat Pose?

The Boat Pose (also called Paripurna Navasana) focuses on your abs section so this may be an essential to really help you attain that flat stomach. After lying down on your yoga mat, you have to lift your chest and legs towards your center and make sure that your arms and eyes are directed forward. Another pose connected to this is the Half-boat Pose where the person aims for a straighter body while still lifting up his/her chest and legs. Both yoga poses improve abdominal muscles, arms, and legs.

3. How do you do a Tree Pose?

By being able to stand still on one leg, the Tree Pose (Vriksasana) helps you work your abdominal muscles through balance. This is done by resting your left foot on the inner side of your right thigh. The important factor in this pose is making sure that you are still able to breathe properly and focus your gaze on one thing so you don’t fall.

4. How do you do a Plank Pose?

Instead of focusing on one part of your body, the Plank Pose (Kumbhakasana) aims to maximize the capabilities of your whole body strength into one pose. It is very simple and easy to do—be on all fours and have your palms flat to the ground and legs straight as possible that your feet are tiptoe-ing. This is arguably the most recommended pose for people who want flat abs. It’s a full-on strengthening exercise for your body.

Remember that there are things to consider when doing these yoga poses such as proper breathing and posture. It’s better to sign up for a class and have an instructor teach you yoga poses for abs instead of doing it on your own. If you force your body to do a certain pose then you might suffer from pain. Always remember to warm-up before doing any of these exercises and stay healthy. Achieving a fit physique is a hard, long task but with dedication and positive thinking, you can definitely attain the body you want.

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