Why Drinking Water Is Important


Water is the basic building block of all life on this planet and there are no two ways about it. All life comes from earth, from the smallest organism to the most complex beings. If there was a catalog compiled by some advanced alien race, Earth would be categorized as a water planet and life on our planet would be characterized as water-based (besides being carbon-based, of course). It is therefore no secret and no surprise that water is essential for our health and also our beauty.

Why water and where does it go?

Water makes up for more than 50% of our body weight. Every organ in our body, every type of tissue in our body, pretty much every function and process that occur in our body rely on water to work properly and to be carried out properly. Without water, our body breaks down. You can live for weeks without food; without water, you perish within a couple of days.

But where does the water go? Well, 40% of the water is expelled through waste, mostly urine. The rest is lost through perspiration, both visible and invisible. Just because you do not see the beads of sweat, it does not mean that you are not perspiring and losing water this way.

Preventing dehydration

Did you know that feeling thirsty is one of the first signs of dehydration in its early stages? Yes, when you feel thirsty, it can be categorized as already too late. This is why professional athletes, for instance cyclists who lose copious amounts of water during their competitions, are told to drink water even if they are not feeling thirsty. They maintain a steady influx of water into their system.

Dehydration, if advances, can have dramatic effects on the body and the mind, negative of course. It can lead to dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, headaches, dry mouth and fatigue. If such symptoms should occur and dehydration is a possibility, it is essential to replenish the fluids straight away.

Hydration and beauty

It also needs to be pointed out that hydration is not just about our health. It is also about the way we look and how fresh we look. Among other things, water is essential for your skin, rejuvenating it, making it more elastic and shiny (in a good way). Drinking plenty of water will also reduce the dark circles under your eyes and it will also reduce the chances of acne. It goes without saying that hydration will also help you work out more while it will also aid in fat metabolization, which will have a beneficial effect on your figure.

How much water and where to get it?

The recommended daily intake of water for adults is around 2000 mL a day for women and 2500 mL a day for men. These values include water that is gained in foods and other drinks as well.  Pregnant women, lactating women and those who are physically active should drink more water, as well as those who spend a lot of time in the heat and sun.

The best way to remain hydrated is to have a bottle of water with you at all times. It is also important, in case you live in areas where tap water is not of the highest quality, that you have water filters installed in your home so you can have clean water any time you wish.

Author: James Burbank is a blogger and consultant for LPZ Plumbing Services, installing water filters in Sydney , among other things. James is also a big Utah Jazz fan and you can find him on Twitter – @Jburbank2019.


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  • I’m getting a lot of useful stuff in your blog. Thank you!

    just curious though, I am very fond of drinking water, i consume 3 liters at most in a day, however my friend says that too much water washes the sugar from the body, which she thought wasn’t good at all, is there truth to that?

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