What Are the Side Effects of Weight Loss Surgery?


Just like every major surgery, weight loss surgeries have potential side effects that range from minor inconveniences to being life threatening. While the percentage of persons who actually suffer from these side effects is still quite low, it is important to know the potential side effects before making a decision on whether or not to get weight loss surgery. Here is a list of some side effects that may occur after weight loss surgery:


This is probably the most common side effect. Most weight loss surgeries physically alter the size of your stomach. However, initially the patient will have a tendency to still eat as much as before, often times resulting in stomach pain and nausea. This can also lead to dizziness, sweating, and weakness.

Loss of Muscle Mass

In most instances of weight loss, a person loses muscle mass unless he or she is particularly careful to preserve muscle. In order to preserve  muscle mass after weight loss surgery, the patient can begin lifting weights and consuming ample protein.

Excess Skin

Once a patient has lost a large amount of weight, he or she is likely to have excessive skin that can only be fixed through plastic surgery. If you have had your lap band surgery in Mexico or anywhere else overseas, then you might eventually need to plan follow-up plastic surgery in order to have your body reach its full potential by eliminating redundant skin.

Hair Loss

Most gastric bypass patients suffer at least minimal hair loss during the first six months after the surgery. This will not lead to baldness and the patient will grow lost hair back 6-8 months after the surgery.

Nutrient Deficiency

A study by BS Bal and colleagues published in the April 2012 issue of the journal Nature Reviews – Endocrinology shows that protein malnutrition is a major nutritional deficiency in patients who have had weight loss surgeries. Nutrient deficiency is most common in biliopancreatic diversion and gastric bypass. It is caused by the body’s failure to absorb nutrients properly. It is easily rectified by taking proper supplements and eating the right foods in small portion sizes. Nutrient deficiency is less likely to occur in gastric plication. If you are prone to nutrient deficiency, then gastric plication might be a good weight loss surgery option for you. The surgery in the U.S. will cost anywhere from $15-25,000, but getting gastric plication in Mexico will be 40-60% cheaper.

Psychological Issues

It is hard to pinpoint the exact psychological side effects that may occur since they vary from patient to patient, but depression and other problems may arise after surgery. Rapid weight loss is a drastic life change that can instigate anxiety, stress, eating disorders and other psychological problems.

These are some of the side effects that can occur after weight loss surgery. Patients may experience some or none of these side effects, depending on their personal medical history.


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