How To Guarantee You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal


This is a pretty bold statement, but just like psychology is a science as well as an art, there are certain things you can do that will be a science and an art – and losing weight is one of them.

On one side you have the scientific readings of nutrition labels, the breakdown of macro nutrients, the calorie counting, Body Mass Rate calculations and all the fancy stuff, but what is the art side? The art side to losing weight is the most important part—the actual person.

In theory a lot of things could work, if only you had the discipline and good habits to work through your plan, but how many people have absolutely no emotion and will robotically perform whatever is needed to do to achieve a goal, without their emotions overpowering them?


That’s right, there is nobody in the world who isn’t effected by their emotions a little bit, it is just that some people are more effected than others by their emotions.

Let’s take for example a stock investor. The good investor has a plan and he sticks to it, no matter how nervous, excited, calm, sleepless he may be. He takes a state of optimism, but if he wins or loses he just learns from the lesson and moves onto the next deal. He doesn’t (or in theory he shouldn’t) throw a tantrum and swear, yell and kick things, he just decides that his judgment was wrong and so he tries harder the next time.

The average punter who hears about stock market millions will rush out into the market and spend all their savings on whatever “hot tip” they hear about from their neighbor, broker or other subjective source. As soon as the stock dips, they get nervous and make a rash decision, but if it goes up, they either stay in too long and end up losing or they don’t make nearly as much as they could have.

This might seem irrelevant to weight loss, but the exact same principles are true.

Your own brain is your biggest ally and biggest enemy—it can make or break you, so to guarantee your success you have to train your brain to be the biggest ally you can and get rid of anything that is self destructive in it. If you think about it, really squeeze your brain to think: if all you did for the rest of your life for half an hour a day was lift weights or run, eat things you know are healthy for you and eat treats only on a special occasion—you would lose a ton of weight and be in better shape than 99% of the population. Do you agree with that?

So what is stopping you?

It is your brain—your ally and enemy.

Here are some “brain workouts” to strengthen your biggest chief ally in the fight against yourself—losing weight. This can be a battle, because sometimes you get cravings, it’s cold out, you are tired, you are at a party, the fight can die in you to achieve your goal, but with a strong mind you will always achieve your weight loss goal, and not just weight loss, but any goal you decide to set.

  1. Make yourself get up earlier
    This may seem easy. If you already have a job where you start early, still follow this advice. Getting up earlier in the day allows you to plan your day, have a great breakfast, coffee, relax, think and even exercise in the morning—which is often when testosterone is at its peak so you can get the most out of your exercise. Most great men have been early risers, it is no coincidence.
  2. Plan your day
    This is mentioned above, but it is so crucial to achieving your weight loss goal. If you plan your day around work, and you work 8-10 hours, there are still 6-8 hours free in your day. Even if you have children, an annoying spouse or other commitments, you can surely find an extra half an hour for exercise. Planning your day is so good for creating a strong brain, strong body and a strong spirit, because when you tick off everything you set out to achieve, you feel an amazing sense of euphoria and accomplishment. The next day you want to do better and fit more in, you try harder every day, and soon you discover you are a new man or woman, a better model.
  3. Know that persistence pays
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, the V8 engine took years to develop, and teleporting still hasn’t been invented. Persistence is the key to anything—you might look at advertisements on the Internet, television or store windows and see products claiming fast results with little effort, but just know that these are preying on the most brutal of human flaws—The Want For Something For Nothing. This is how con men work, how get rich quick schemes make one man rich and another broke and sadly are making many people poorer and less inspired to set good goals.

As humans we always look for short cuts, and when we see someone offering one, at first we are skeptical—this is good. Then we see the great deal they offer, and then we see the results that this model has got from using the product. So we purchase. What you must realize is that when you see models/celebrities and actors with ripped bodies promoting weight loss supplements or machines 99 times out of 100 they have never even used the product before they stepped into that studio.
Anybody who has got a lean, ripped body knows that the only steps to get it are sound nutrition habits, exercise and a strong mind. Trying to lose weight by using supplements, special ab machines or other foolhardy inventions is only cheating yourself.

Know that it will take a little work, plan the work, keep yourself motivated by picturing yourself on the beach looking sexy as all Hollywood and put that plan into action.

Of course, there will be times when your motivation wanes and you find yourself struggling to get up early or slacking off in a workout, but you will catch yourself doing it and hold that picture in your mind and get back on track in no time. Pay the price and get the results—nobody gets an easy ride; it just looks easy because you weren’t there for all the hard work.

Guest writer Johnny Palmer is a trainer and athlete. He is the go-to guy to learn how to get abs and how to lose belly fat. His methods help to build a strong character as well as a lean, ripped body.


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