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Walking to lose weight. Burn fat by walking

Can you lose weight by just walking an hour a day? Learn how to burn belly fat by walking and lose up to 40 pounds in 3 months.

Do you wander if walking is considered a good exercise for weight loss? Can you burn fat and lose weight by walking? How long should you walk to lose weight? How much do you have to walk to lose a pound? Can you lose belly fat by walking? Dr. Richard Schofield, the author of Weight-Walking: A New Path to Health and Fitness, provides you with the ultimate guide on walking to lose weight.

While walking helps you burn calories and thus lose weight, walking combined with exercises for the upper-body muscle groups helps you burn more body fat and get even better results. Recently a new term “weight-walking” has been introduced.

Is walking a workout? How can I start walking for weight loss?

Weight-Walking is for “regular” people. All you need is somewhere to walk, sensible shoes, and a pair of light-weight dumbbells. No spandex is required. Most women would use a pair of 2- or 3-pound dumbbells, while most men would use 3- or 4-pounds. Basically, you should be able to lift both weights above your head ten or twenty times without undue strain.

Why is walking good for health?

On the health and fitness front, you will:

  1. tone up all of your upper-body muscle groups from the “Weight” component,
  2. tone up your lower-body muscle groups from the “Walk” component,
  3. increase your overall cardiovascular fitness,
  4. burn fat and lose weight (assuming you eat sensibly).

Can you lose weight by walking 30 minutes or an hour a day?

Each Weight-Walking session should last 30 to 60 minutes. During this time, you will typically do between 1,000 and 3,000 lifts, stretches and swings. For serious weight loss, you should Weight-Walk for 60-minutes at least five times per week (assuming this is your only exercise). For maintenance, 30 to 45 minutes three-times per week is enough.

What time of the day is the best time to exercise? Is it better to exercise in the morning or in the afternoon?

Preferably, you should Weight-Walk when the temperature is about 70-degrees, whether that is first thing in the morning in the summer or before lunch in the winter. For weight loss, the best time is right before a meal.

Lose Weight by Walking

What is a good pace for walking to burn fat and lose weight?

Regarding pace, you should power-walk, but not at race speed. If your health permits, you should aim for 3.5 to 4 mph. If not, stick to whatever is comfortable and can be maintained for the entire session.

How many calories do you burn by walking for an hour?

Most people will burn 300 to 600 calories in a one-hour session, depending on their weight and level of effort. Most noteworthy, the more overweight you are, the more calories you will burn.

Is walking enough for weight loss? Can you lose weight by exercising and not dieting?

The book does not prescribe or endorse a particular diet, although it does offer some hints, suggestions and meal plans. The focus is on applying commonsense and willpower to your existing diet plan, and creating a sustainable health regime. Weight-Walking can be used as a tool to augment whatever diet plan you have selected.

How much weight can you lose by walking?How long does it take to lose 30 pounds by walking?

I personally lost 40 pounds in three months.

Are there any health risks to walking?

No exercise program suits everyone, but Weight-Walking comes close. Pilates is not for everyone…but if you can walk, you can Weight-Walk. You can walk in the park, on the hiking trail, on the treadmill, or just walking in place in front of the TV.

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  • Hi!

    I am currently 138lbs & 5’3.5 & 14 years old.
    Recently I began being home-schooled, ( no p.e ) & usually just play on the ps3 when I’m bored.

    I don’t want to be like this anymore, I started gaining weight about 4 months ago…I used to be 115 to 120lbs…

    & I want to be healthier, & set a good example for my siblings since I am the oldest of us three. There are people who are 5’7 and my weight …and people who are 100lbs & my height. But I don’t care about being super thin, I just don’t want my sister and brother thinking it’s alright too slack off all the time and eat junk food and become a chub, I mean I’m supposed to be a role model right? …I am not a girl who wants to be model thin, I am not obsessed. & I do realize that I will be sacrificing a lot…And that it will be hard & most likely painful, I just want to know how long..& what I’ll have to do…but I’ll be walking a 4mile trail, as many day’s as I can..& I need to know how many calories and what types of food I should eat.

  • Good advice from goairforce (see above post). But the whole don’t try and lose 15 pounds in a week… why not? Obviously, don’t starve yourself. I was in your situation, except I was enlisting into the US Army. Now it wasn’t such a big deal for me being overweight, I needed to weigh 192, I weighed 207. But in the Army, you can be below 26% body fat and still ship. I was only 16%. Now for your advice. Increasing your speed to 4.0 mph, but still walking the same 5 miles a day, won’t burn any extra calories. In fact, you will just finish a little quicker. You need to workout for a certain amount of TIME, NOT DISTANCE. Start at a jog to get your heart rate up, then a brisk 4.0 mph pace for an hour would do you wonders. Keep drinking your water, and eat small meals 5-6 times a day to keep your metabolism boosted. Oatmeal for breakfast, a 4oz grilled chicken breast sandwich on whole grain bread or bun with mustard if you like, some peanuts and low fat yogurt in between meals. For dinner, have a grilled chicken salad with a glass of fat free milk. 1 hour before you go to bed, eat a cup of fat free cottage cheese. Cottage cheese contains mostly casein protein, which takes a long time for your body to break down. So while you sleep, your metabolism can stay revved up for your 8 hours of rest. Keep working out, and try to make your workouts as intense as possible. As mentioned in the previous posts, boot camp will be tough. Won’t be as tough as my army training ;), but it will be a challenge. I advise you to start doing press-ups and sit-ups today. Shoot for 100 of each per day, in as few sets as possible. Your body will thank you later. Good luck in the air force, and thanks for serving our wonderful, free country.

  • You ONLY have a treadmill? That’s all you need! Most people don’t even have that! I’m not saying that you NEED a treadmill to lose weight, but it is a great piece of equipment. How are you eating? Do you exercise and burn 400 calories, then turn around and eat a cheeseburger and fries for dinner? There’s your problem. You did good burning off the 400 calories, but you made it pointless eating a 680 calorie cheeseburger, 300 calories of fries, and about 200 calories in your medium coke full of empty carbs and sugar. 1,180 calories minus the 400 you burned= a gain of 780 calories! Also, alternate between running and walking on the treadmill. Run hard for 30 seconds, walk for 1 minute, run for 30 seconds, walk for 1 minute, etc… You need to incorporate some pushups and situps into your routine as well. Shoot for 50 of each a day, in the least amount of sets you can. Have fun, losing weight is a blast. Change your diet and keep exercising.

  • Walking is a great start. I do not discourage walking 5 miles a day at all. You could lose 21 pounds doing it this way, and it WILL take a few months to do. I’ll give you some info on what you are doing to your body. Let’s say you start on a Saturday. You eat the rubbish food all weekend. You are eating nothing but fat and empty carbs, meaning your body will want to store most of it. Then, throughout the week, you barely eat, but now your walking your 5 miles a day. For about the first two days, your body will burn off stored fat, but then go to your muscle tissue for energy. For the next 3 days, your body will alternate where it gets its energy from, between the stored body fat and the muscle tissue. Your body will actually tend to keep the body fat because of the lack of energy from food throughout the week. This happens because your metabolism slows way down. So now your body doesn’t burn energy near fast enough, slowing the loss of body fat. So by the time you have lost 21 pounds, you may not be looking the way you expected to. You need to make a little change each day, eating healthier meal by meal. Whole grains, and A LOT of protein. Enhance your workouts by doing some resistance training. 21 pounds is not that much, but it won’t come off if you don’t do it properly. As a personal trainer, I always set goals for myself, extreme over-the-top goals. I once had a guy come in to my gym, his original weigh-in was 387 pounds. He was 5’9″, 34 years old. EXTREMELY OBESE. My goal was to knock that scale down as quickly as I could in the first month, just to keep my customer motivated from seeing the results. This guy amazed me. He canceled about 10 workouts in the first month, and we were only working out 3 days a week. He pretty much did everything himself, following the meal plans and exercise guides I provided him, and at the end of one month, he weighed-in at 328 pounds. I was really surprised, and asked how my setup was working for him. To my amazement, this guy said the only time he worked out was when he was with me at the gym, and that was 3 or 4 sessions that whole month. He told me he followed the meal plan spot-on, eating 5-6 meals a day(i say meals, but really are small meals, not like the average lunch or dinner meal), drinking his protein shakes, eliminating his junk food, etc. That was where he had his success. He started supplying the right kind of food for his body to get nutrients they needed. His body responded almost instantly, and eliminated a lot of stored fat. This is just one example of how important a healthy diet is. And by diet, I mean how you eat. I still don’t see why when people eliminate junk foods, they say they are on a diet. A diet is just word for the intake of your foods. You can have a healthy diet or an unhealthy diet. Anyway, eat good and eat often.

  • Dude, you won’t get saggy skin unless you are extremely overweight. I’m a personal trainer, and have heard this excuse a thousand times. I had a guy lose over 160 pounds, and no saggy skin in sight. It’s all about how quickly you lose your weight. In your case, you could lose all 60 pounds in 1 month and you would have NO saggy skin. To answer your first question, you would burn about 600-800 calories walking 3.5 mph for an hour everyday. All I can say is exercising at that pace and eating healthy, you should easily lose 60 pounds in 2-3 months. You will have to change up your routine, maybe turn it into a jog, start doing some pushups and situps, and it could come off a lot faster. Not to be a jerk, but at 5’7″, 220 pounds is pretty overweight for a 16 year old. If you stay dedicated and work hard, I believe you could lose your first 25-30 pounds(if not a little more) in the first month. Good luck on your goals.

  • hi, you’re doing a great job. I presently weigh 162lbs and am also working on myself. But u see, what you are aiming for at the moment is a crash diet!! accepted you will lose some weight but when you have gotten the body you want and then begin to eat properly again you are going to get that fat back and be back in square 1!! Also you are going to lose weight slower than you probably should because your metabolic rate will be very low and so the amount of fat your body will burn will also be low and your body goes into famine mode and stores as much fat as it can in order for it to function and so the one time you eat it holds on to the fat. There is also something called the AFTER BURN EFFECT, this is a state were your keeps burning fat all hours through the day even when you are sleep, great! right. what you are doing now helps you burn fat ONLY when you are exercising because your metabolism is low. You need to eat a proper set of 3 meals a day in proportion, also have to be healthy, drink a lot of water(you are doing that already), fruits especially citrus fruit they help in the burning of fat. before you undertake in any weight losing ethics research on how it will affect your body, I just like felt not eating food depending mostly on fruit and water was the key but that just left me feeling too weak. If possible you should consult a nutritionist to give you a wealth loss diet plan.

  • ok so im about 5’2 and have always been bigger (i cant say ive had a weight problem because i never tried fixing it before..) i have noticed recently that im alot bigger than i have been even looking at pictures of myself disgusts me…i told myself it was time to do something bout it…i walk at least an hour and a half everyday down to the end of the road and back…(i live in the country)i believe its a mile (1/2 there and 1/2 back) plus i walk other places through the day….i also only drink water…im eating fruit and i never really crave food more than once a day….so the one time i do eat is whats getting me i think….i weigh about 230 and im very ashamed of the way i look….any tips to help me stay motivated and lose it a lil quicker???

  • Hi I m 75kgs I started using treadmill four miles daily seven days in 15 days I reduces 1.5kg also I have reduced calorie intake maximum 500 calories per day or even less but I also run for one mile and fast walk other three my goal is to loose 20kgs I also do Hoolahupa for five minutes daily can anybody tell me in how many months I can reduce?? I m soo worried

  • Hi im 5.6 and weigh 146 , I have started walking 4 days ago up and gravel roads with mostly steep hills. I walk 4 miles and struugle sometimes. How many fat and calories am I burning and is this healthy for me? Thank you Cindy

  • Hi , i m 28 year old and my ht is 5.0 and my wt is 61 , daily i m going for walking around 7.30 pm and eating very less food and having some kind of herbal drink in the breakfast and in dinner and in lunch phulka’s and subzi that’s it no non – veg also no tea and cofee also. Pls suggest some more tips so that i can reduce my weight as well as my tummy fat which wont look good according to my personality. Pls help me.

  • Hey all,

    2 weeks after my initial post I have lost 14 pounds. I have been walking to work and back home twice a day, 5 days a week. A total of 5hours walking per week. It was horrible for the first week, as my body was not used to it, but now it is getting there. My breathlessness has gone, and I can just walk and breathe normally.

    Before I started walking, I think i was eating between 3000-6000 calories a day easily. I cut my diet to 1500 calories (or there about’s per day), and I’m also not hungry. Have been eating things like:

    1)cereal with semi-skimmed milk, fruit, water for breakfast – about 8am (350 calories)
    2)banana and 2 oranges, water for lunch – about 12pm (200 calories)
    3)pasta pack, made with milk and water on the hob, low fat yogurt x 2, water for dinner – about 4:30pm (950 calories)

    If I ever feel hungry in the evening, which is rare, I just have some more water. The walking has really inspired me, and the changes you can make are so fast. I have also joined the gym and have a meeting next week with a personal trainer.

    If anyone is reading this and is stuck in that weight loss/weight gain cycle or is fat like I am, I would say, get motivated! I also started talking about my weight for the first time in years to family, colleagues, and friends. They’re really supportive.

    Going to walk to the next town as planned on the 31st March. It will probably be painful, and I’ll hate it, but its all part of getting fit and changing my lifestyle. I urge you all to do the same. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Dude, if you have to say “not to be a jerk” before a statement you make, reconsider if you should say it. It comes across rude and like you are… a jerk. If you really are a personal trainer you should work on your delivery. I was his height and weight at his age and was very unsure of myself and felt overwieght. The last thing I needed was someone on the internet telling me i’m pretty overweight. Don’t you think thats why he’s looking at this info?

    And guys, don’t be so strict on your 1500 calories ect., just work out hard and set goals. You will be more likely to slip up if you have an extremely strict diet.

  • I am 140lb 5’3….I have never been this heavy in entire life except when pregnant then the weight just fell off with no effort at all. I am normally 120-125lbs. I am trying to walk off weight. I quit smoking and gained this 20lbs!!! GGRRR!!!! Started smoking again thinking it would peel the lb’s off, that didn’t work. ( Now, I am fat and still smoking!!!!) Very flustered with myself at this point! I looked in the mirror the other day and was disgusted with myself. I started counting calories allowing myself 1900 a day and walking about 2 hours a day with no weights. Is this going to help me loss the 20lbs? Help!!

  • Hi. I’m Autumn, and I was wondering if anyone could maybe help me? You see. I’m trying to join the Air Force–but I can’t be scheduled for a physical exam to GET into it…. If I weigh too much. I’m currently 172 pounds, and my recruiter suggested that to loose the extra weight/prepare for boot camp ((Because I HAVE to weight 157 pounds at max to go–That’s 15 pounds less)) I should walk 5 miles a day on my treadmill. I’m currently doing that at a speed of 3.0 mph. Should I increase the speed to higher? Like 4.0 mph?

    Also, I drink PLENTY of water. Before I tried to get into the Air Force. I weighed 181 pounds and managed to get to the 172 pounds in fives weeks by basically ‘eating healthier’ and drinking MORE water. So, I kinda just lost the water weight most woman carry around. I drink a minimum of EIGHT cups a day (because that’s the minimuim a person should drink daily) sometimes more. My recruiter suggested that I walk in segments, like a mile before breakfast–a mile after breakfast—a mile before lunch—a mile AFTER lunch–a mile before dinner. That’s what he’s told me to do and so far ((Since I talked to him two days ago about this)) I’ve done that for two days–today being the third day.

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. ((I’m 18 years of age)) Is there a way for me to loose FIFTEEN pounds in 2-3 weeks? If so, how? What should I do differently? How should I be doing it? I’ve been doing a lot of online searching for things also….

  • The idle amount of weight for people to lose ‘safely’ is 1-2 pounds per week. That’s considered the safe method. One other question, is in regards to your habits of drinking—no. Not alcohol but water. The minimum amount of water ONE person should consume daily is that of 8 cups. Yes. Eight CUPS. Believe it or not but water helps you to loose weight. At first—depending on how much you USE to drink, you’ll experience a slight weight gain—but then it’ll strip off as your body realizes it no longer needs to retain the water… Plus water is a very friendy-safe appetite cutter.

  • I also had a c-section at 22 (side to side cut). I’ve never lost the skin that hangs over the scar, and I’ve never been obese.
    I take my daily vitamins, exercise with weights and cardio on a regular basis and use all types of lotion for my belly. I’m now 39.

    Good luck and congrats if you are able to lose that skin that I never could!

  • hi guys, after doing the walking exercise for 7 months, I lost around 27 pounds. and now I’m enrolled in a gym to intensify my prog and lose more pounds in the coming weeks/months. after which, I intend to body build and maintain it throughout my life! cheers to all…!

  • your body is gaining muscle. and muscle weighs more then fat… if you want to lose weight i suggest you do some cardio workouts for an hour and a half everyday and watch your calories. cardio burns fat and tones your muscle … i know it seems like a lot to do but once its over and done with and all the weight is lost you will feel really good and it will just turn in to a daily routine to workout

  • my sister was in a similar situation with how much she weighed. Over the course of 3-4 months (the summer), I would say she lost around 30-40 lbs. She got a jumprope and jumped in the garage everyday. she started out slow, going maybe 20-30 seconds without stopping and then resting for a bit. She did that for around 15 minutes each day. Not long at all. Once she got used to the time interval, she bumped it up by 10 seconds. She also listened to music while doing it, which made it easier. Now she can probably go 1-2 minutes without getting tired.
    Basically, anything you do that is not sitting down will help you to loose weight, combined with a better eating habit. For the eating part, gradually change your lifestyle. First, eat the same thing you usually do, just less. The next step is to start combining healthy foods with the current foods you eat. After that, convert all the way to healthy foods. When you do it gradually, you will become used to it and will be less likely to give up on it totally.

  • Hi, I’m 16 5’2 and currently weigh 232 , I don’t have any health problems , surprisingly my doctor says I am fine , But I still wanted to lose weight. So I started walking everyday for about 45 to an hour for 1 month and a half and lost almost 20 pounds . Just by walking and managing how much food I eat . So its not hard at all, Just do it =)

  • 2 lbs a week is a great accomplishment and the heathy way to lose! Certainly don’t get discouraged, you’re doing great!
    If you want added exercise, my easy tip is: if you watch TV at night, so some sit ups, push ups, squats, etc. during the commercials. That’ll be 20 minutes of toning in 1 hour TV time.

  • Hi I am a 17 year old boy and I way 11 stone I want to lose around 1 stone and for my body to stop looking so chunky anyone have a good weekly diet plan and excercise tips please I’m really desperate thanks

  • I started to walk 4 miles at 2.4 speed since Oct 6 I have lost 26 pounds but I weight 246 now. I cut down on sugars, white flour, breads pretty much all the bad stuff. I been expecting to lose more weight but I only lose 2 pounds per week and am getting really impatient. What can I do to lose more weight per week?

  • Just as a caution, I’d first say that, depending on your starting weight (and yours is too low, in my opinion), losing more than 2-3 pounds per week is generally not a good idea.

    As far as your recruiter’s suggestion, it seems like it’d be less productive than doing one long workout. Obviously, the idea is to stay more active all day, but when doing cardio, you should aim for at least a 30 minute workout. You burn more when your heart rate is up, and if you’ve only just started to get your heart rate up when you stop, you aren’t taking advantage of your workouts.

    Good luck to you!

  • Go on the website for the AF, they have a fitness printout that starts from just walking.I think its a 12 week program, don’t really remember now, Ive been in for 7 years now. You are going to need to be a fairly good runner when you get to basic or you will struggle. Make life a little easier for yourself and start building up some stamina now. Get busy with push up and sit ups because you are going to be doing about a million per day for the duration. You will lose weight in basic for sure however you HAVE to be within regulation when you get weighed in at MEPS for your physical. If you follow what your recruiter is telling you, which is fine, that is a slow and safe say to start if your not accustomed to exercising. Don’t rush it, if you are not in good shape NO MATTER WHAT you recruiter says. Your time in basic will be very difficult if you don’t have a good starting point. Good Luck! Oh! and DON’T LOSE 15 pounds in 2 weeks, it is impossible and you wont be able to exercise at all from starvation. Take your time and do it right, you will be glad you did, believe me.

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