Trying to Lose Weight? You Need to Regain Equilibrium in Your Life!


With 54% of the United States population being overweight, losing that weight is something that is on a lot of American’s minds. Because being overweight is not fun and it presents a lifetime of challenges, people that have too many pounds suffer from many kinds of bias and discrimination in society.

In fact studies have proven that overweight individuals are treated differently in the workplace and many other institutions. And as well as being turned down for promotions and job interviews, the stigmas that these overweight individuals carry impacts mental health leading to severe stress and depression, which in turn often leads to even more weight gain.

So we need to stop this cycle. And in order to do so we need to regain equilibrium in our lives. To say “no” to the fast food chain and say “yes” to exercise and a balanced diet. We also need to inventory and track all food that comes into our house and into our bodies, counting the calories and carbohydrates along the way.

The simplest concept when it comes to monitoring whether you are going to gain or lose weight is that of counting calories. It seems fairly straight forward; the number of calories that you take in should be at a balance with the number of calories that you burn during a day’s time. This seems amazingly simple but a lot of people get this one confused and wind up wasting their exercise and dieting efforts in the process.

As it stands, most adults only need 2000 calories each day. In the United States this can be a challenge because there are some sandwiches at McDonalds that have that much in just one meal. In our society of overindulgence counting these calories can quickly become a real chore.

Fast food is the main culprit in drowning us with calories so in a weight loss regimen the best strategy should definitely be one that cuts out fast food restaurants. More meals should be eaten at home where you have direct control of the environment. In your home you can control what you cook and how you cook it. That’s right; whether you are cutting carbs, raising protein or altering your diet in any other way. It has to start at home.

Keeping a close inventory of all the nutrition labels on all household grocery items is a crucial first step as well. If you can begin with this kind of evaluation of what food goes into your home, you are on your way to controlling what food winds up in your mouth. If you can balance the lifestyle of your own home that is a start. Start in the home and then branch out your methods into the rest of your life.

As you progress with a more balanced household routine you will find yourself automatically going for the more healthy choices even outside the home. Reaching for fruit instead of candy, and feeling fuller on fewer calories are some immediate results of getting your house in order.

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Harriette D. Cordes is a fitness blogger at (a multi-author blog). She is a very calm and well balanced woman. She likes to meet people and make new friends. One of her biggest desires is to stay in shape till the last day of her life.


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