Target Love Handles and Belly Fat with Coolsculpting and Zerona


Nothing is more satisfying than adopting a healthy lifestyle and starting to see the difference in your shape. Your waist starts to shrink, and you can begin to see the definition in your arms and legs. However, sometimes your workouts can seem futile when problem areas such as your belly and love handles remain pudgy and flabby. If your healthy lifestyle won’t give you the definition you are seeking around your abdomen, there are two revolutionary procedures available that may help you achieve the physique you want.


Coolsculpting is an FDA approved procedure that involves a cooling suction device to the target area of fat. The freezing temperature destroys fat cells while causing a numbing sensation in the area being treated. The procedure, which requires no anesthesia, can be done to target the abdomen, love handles, or thighs.  CoolSculpting is typically done in a dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s office, and takes about an hour. During that hour, the patient is reclined in a chair while a cooling suction device is applied to the area to be targeted.  After an hour, the device is removed, and most patients are able to return to normal activity–even exercise, immediately. Over the next 3-4 months, the fat cells that were frozen during the procedure will be flushed naturally by the body. The 3rd and 4th month will show the most dramatic results.

The procedure works best on patients who are not obese and have adopted an active, healthy lifestyle. Coolsculpting is meant to target exercise resistant pockets of fat, not be an alternative to a healthy lifestyle. Although revolutionary and effective, CoolSculpting is relatively inexpensive. A typical treatment costs anywhere from $700-$1250 per session. If you are someone who is struggling to lose those last few inches from your hips or abdomen, CoolSculpting may be the solution you’re looking for!


Unlike Coolsculpting which uses a freezing technology, Zerona uses cold laser technology to achieve similar results. Instead of a suction device, Zerona lasers target body fat over a 2 week period of treatments. During the treatment, patients lay on a table while a laser device (which resembles an octopus) floats over the abdomen area deploying the lasers. After the treatment, patients are instructed to take a supplement called CURVA, increase water intake, maintain a healthy diet and exercise in order for Zerona to be the most effective. Much like Coolsculpting, the fat cells are “killed” by the lasers and flushed from the body over the next couple of months. Despite its hype, Zerona reviews on have been less favorable than the reviews on CoolSculpting.

Zerona is not meant for someone who is overweight, and seems to only be effective when combined with a strict diet, exercise regimen, supplements, and increased water intake. Zerona costs anywhere from $1700-$3000 for 6 sessions over 2 weeks time.

No Substitutes for Diet and Exercise

While these two treatments may help you achieve a better looking body, it is clear from the reviews and experiences by others that these procedures are not magic cures, nor meant to be substitutes for diet and exercise. However, if you are a fit and active person with stubborn areas of fat, these may be the perfect solution to help you get the body you have been working so hard to achieve.


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