Best Swimming Workouts: Lose Weight with Water


When the word “workout” is thrown into a conversation there are many things that come to mind, but is one of those things “swimming pool”? There have been plenty of studies and actual workouts tested in the water and the results are fantastic. There is not a better way of losing weight without being incredibly sore more so than a swimming workout. No need to get sweaty when we can just get wet. Why spend 30 minutes on a bike when it is possible to get the same results with just 15 to 20 minutes of swimming workouts, and get better results?


This water exercise is a great way to tone one’s core and give the back muscles a good workout. The Spiderman is the way to defy the laws of gravity and walk on walls. In a way, it is like jogging in place with the body doing two things at once by working the back and leg muscles while trying to stay afloat.

Pool Planks

To keep ones abdominal muscles in tip top shape, do a couple of pool planks the next time while floating in the pool. Not only will there be a difference in appearance, pool planks can help improve endurance.

Pool planks are almost like push-ups, but the goal is to keep ones head above water and have their body at an even incline. They can be done kicking upwards, then flip and lift backwards.

Chaos Cardio

Remember how running around the edge of a pool to make a whirlpool would be fun, just to run the other way? That was a workout. Chaos cardio is similar to jogging, but focuses more on strengthening the body’s core stabilizing muscles. Instead of running in a circle however, run zigzags in the pool, then turn around and walk through the currents. Those currents are what give the body more of a challenge while trying to walk.

Cardio Core Ball Running

This swimming workout combines cardio with the basics of core strengthening. This can be done with or without a ball; when done with the ball, it gives one more resistance to keep the muscles working. Shift the ball while working, so the core will always be working. This workout does require a rather long pool, because the goal is to run across the pool with the ball either in front of you or at your side. A couple of these ball running workouts will help improve the muscles in the calves.

One Legged Balance

It could be called ballet in the pool. This is a great swimming workout to help build better leg muscles using resistance. Not only will the legs get a good workout but as the name implies, one’s overall balance will improve. The best benefit of this workout is not having to worry about falling and getting hurt as the water acts as a cushion.

With these helpful swimming workouts, there are not many reasons to get out of the pool! Not only does water help improve posture, circulation, and mood; people can now lose weight while taking a dip to cool down. The tan that may form while being outside? Just an added bonus.


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