Great Sources of Protein Other Than Beef or Chicken


We all need protein in our diets for our bodies to function properly—it’s just a fact of life. Our bodies break down the proteins we eat and drink into essential amino acids, each of which performs a specific task in maintaining regular health. No one source of protein will ever be enough for your body if you want to have a balanced and healthy diet. If your only source of protein is a blackened chicken breast of a flank steak, then you are missing out on some other essential protein groups that can seriously influence your wellness.

WebMD recommends that the average adult male should consume around 56 g of protein a day, while the average adult female should consume around 46 g. Not all of that protein has to come from a hamburger or a chicken tender; there are many healthier options out there with which to diversify your protein intake.

Egg whites

Egg whites allow you to have your favorite breakfast food without feeling any guilt about it. Without the yolk, egg whites offer up plenty of protein will fewer calories. They serve up the same kind of protein in traditional eggs and they are as versatile of an ingredient as an egg in any dish. You can quickly cook up egg whites for a number of easy and healthy dishes, including a veggie scramble, a no-frills omelet, or a healthier quiche. Do not be intimidated by egg whites packaged in a carton, either—they taste great!

Soy Products

Like egg whites, soy products are typically thought of as a substitute for tastier fare. They have a bad reputation for being subpar in taste, a stereotype perpetuated by some less stellar vegetarian dishes, but nothing could be further from the truth. Soy products like tofu, soy milk, and soy yogurt all have great versatility in various cuisines, and they all pack a formidable dose of complex proteins. Moreover, the FDA has long since listed soy products as among the foods that can decrease risk of heart disease, so you know it is a healthy choice on several levels. Go on, give soy a chance!


Almonds are the ultimate healthy snack food when you want to supplement a little extra protein into your diet. Almonds are rich in several key amino acids that make up vital proteins for the human body, including threonine, lysine, and leucine. Almonds can also serve as a key ingredient in many recipes, like almond crusted fishes and meats or protein shakes enriched with pureed almonds. Try roasted, unsalted almonds for the healthiest version of this great snack.

Greek yogurt

Finally, let us take a look at Greek yogurt, easily one of the trendiest health foods out there today. A cup of non-flavored, high quality Greek yogurt could easily yield over a third of your daily protein intake. Greek yogurt differs from more conventional yogurt: there is more whey strained out of it, resulting in the thick and creamy texture. It is a great source of protein to add to your diet, and it can be used in many dishes as a thickening agent or as a healthy alternative to cheesy or creamy toppings.

About the author: Amelia Wood contributed this guest post. She pursues freelance writing projects in the medical billing and coding certification niche.


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