Safe Foods for Heart Burn Sufferers


Usually, you can tell that you are having heart burn if you experience a burning sensation at the back of your breastbone. These sensations usually occur to a person who just had a meal or maybe even had something to drink. Now, to help you feel relieved from the symptoms of heart burn and to prevent your condition from getting worse, you may want to check out the following safe foods for people who are experiencing heart burn:

  1. Yogurt. This provides good bacteria which helps improve one’s digestion and lessen your risks of suffering from heart burn.
  2. Casserole and Stew. Make sure your casserole and your stew are devoid of onions, spices, and tomatoes to ensure that you will not be getting too much acid.
  3. Whole Grains. These are rich with fiber that promotes better digestion and relieves the symptoms of heartburn.
  4. Vegetables. These are probably the safest food for heartburn sufferers. Never try to overcook them, otherwise you will lose some nutrients.
  5. Papaya. This fruit is known to be rich with enzymes that help an individual in digesting his food reducing the need to produce more acid.
  6. Bananas. Bananas have been found to be good in absorbing excess acid in an individual’s stomach.
  7. Almonds. Besides being a rich source of fiber, both roasted and plain almonds are known to help the person stop his or her heartburn.
  8. Apples. An apple is an alkaline forming fruit, which helps inhibit the formation of acid in one’s stomach.
  9. Beef. Some people wrongfully believe that they are not allowed to eat beef if they have heart burn. This is not true at all. You just have to opt for leaner cuts and leaner ground beef as well.
  10. Chicken. This is another safe choice for people who are suffering from heart burn. To ensure that it is healthy, avoid eating the skin.
  11. Pork. Choose the tenderloin part because this is usually the leanest part of pork.
  12. Turkey. You may have this food as your substitute for beef.
  13. Seafood. This is another low-fat food that you can eat even when you have a heart burn.

What you eat will make or break your health. Thus, it is highly important that whatever it is that we decide to eat we must first think whether such foods are beneficial or detrimental to our health. Please note that the above mentioned foods will not only relieve your heart burn, but they are also rich in nutrients that will greatly contribute towards achieving optimal health. As for beef, pork, chicken, and poultry, please remember to keep everything in moderation.


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