Benefits of a Raw Food Diet


How would you describe your weekly dose of double cheeseburger with large fries and soda? Delightful, yummy, ambrosial? How about downright unhealthy and lethal?

In a world where fast, instant and convenient are accurate labels for the most common food choices, the revolutionary and right choice is to start eating for energy. Nutrition experts and fitness coaches list some of the best benefits of a raw food diet.

  • You can finally succeed in achieving your ideal weight. People who have been trying to lose weight for years through different fitness and diet trends, have discovered that switching to raw food is the only way to get rid of excess fat and toxins from their body. Leafy greens, a huge component of a raw food diet, are nutrition powerhouses and are chock-full of fiber that will enable you to feel full, diminish your cravings and flush out the toxins from your system. A lot of vegetables and fruits are also high in alkaline, which is proven to be highly potent when it comes to removing acidic and toxic wastes that are trapped in your body fat.
  • You look and feel younger. Incorporating more raw food in your daily meals can improve the texture and elasticity of your skin, providing you a glowing, youthful look. People who have made the switch also enjoy their new-found energy. This boost is the sustainable, natural kind, unlike the sugar and caffeine-induced artificial high that crashes down to a depressing low after a few hours. The age-defying effects of a raw food diet also come from the fact that you’re simply healthy–your daily raw meals are packed with vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immune system and protect you from illness and environmental toxins.
  • You contribute to the greater good. The raw food diet isn’t advantageous just for you and your health. The benefits extend to your family, your community and the whole planet as well. Eating raw means buying whole foods and local produce which provides you an opportunity to support local farmers and small businesses; this boosts the economic activity in your community. Doing away with processed and convenience foods also allows you to contribute to reducing the use of too much plastic and non-biodegradable packaging and the energy and chemicals used to manufacture these items.

Starting a raw food diet isn’t simple–you need to unlearn decades of socio-cultural behaviors and practices and you must find the best method of transitioning to this new lifestyle according to your fitness needs and health condition. Find a reliable resource and arm yourself with the correct information towards eating for energy the right, raw way.

Author Bio:
Chelsea Sawyer is a nurse and certified health coach. With her years of experience, she now writes articles about health and fitness to share her knowledge to others. Moreover, she is also a follower of Yuri Eklaim, a nutrition expert.


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