Obesity and Back Pain: How to Reduce the Pain?


Many obese people suffer from severe back pains. All the extra weight puts added pressure on the spine and bones. When you are overweight, it puts an extra pressure on your joints. Ligaments of an overweight person need to provide sufficient support for the body, that is why they are stronger that in a ‘regular’ person.

Back strain, degenerative and herniated disk diseases are among the side effects of obesity.

  • The disks in you joints might wear away due to all the extra pressure caused by the excessive weight. You will also have a higher chances of getting an injury as your ankles and knees become more fragile;
  • Many obese people suffer from osteoarthritis in the spine. Weight loss helps in decreasing the pain from osteoarthritis. Nonetheless, many people find it challenging to lose weight;
  • You may develop lordosis with time, if your stomach will get larger thus pulling your pelvis forward. A large stomach will only increase the arch of your lower back, which puts more pressure on your back muscles and contributes to the development of a back strain. It is obvious that healthy eating habits and the right amount of weight will help you in tackling these problems.

A new treatment called prolotherapy will help you reduce the amount of pain in your joints and back. Sugar water injections help in relieving chronic pains in the joints and back. This new method works fine for both obese and “ordinary” people. Overweight person has to get more treatment than a skinny person. Obese people also need to get a stronger medication to boost the healing process.

Why do you have the pain?

Pain indicates that something is not working properly in your body. Weak or injured joints cause the most pain. Many people can recall the time when the pain started. It normally has something to do with a car accident, falling or bad sports injury. They know the reason and now they need to find the way to end it.

First of all, you have to take a closer look at your nutrition. What you eat defines your well-being. Your body needs to get enough nutrients to build new ligaments, tissues and tendons for better recovery.  A healthy diet should provide your body with the sufficient amount of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. If you want to recover faster you need to forget about fatty unhealthy food. It is a good idea to get some nutritional testing to find out what elements your body needs the most.

After you find out more about your nutritional deficiencies, you can try prolotherapy in the painful area. Schedule an appointment with your physician to find out more about the procedure.


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