How to Lose Weight Fast for Men: Tips


Want to know how to lose weight fast to men? Men have the advantage over women of seeing faster results from vigorous exercise. In addition to choosing healthier, wholesome foods, cutting down on alcohol and caloric beverages, eating out less and planning healthy snacks, you must kick your exercise routine into high gear and address behaviors that contribute to weight gain. Concentrate on building muscle, burning fat and controlling your environment to make your life weight-loss friendly. Use these tips to motivate and challenge you!

Lose weight fast with exercise

  1. Your goal is to engage in one hour of exercise at least five days per week. In addition to cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and fat, include intense resistance training to build muscle. This will help you to burn more calories, even when at rest. Consider weight training.
  2. To prevent boredom, participate in enjoyable activities that burn calories and are fun, such as team sports, rock climbing (indoor or outdoor), surfing, hiking, martial arts, and biking.
  3. Change your exercise routine every 8 weeks and try interval training, adding speed drills to challenge your muscles and break through plateaus. Remember to include core work and flexibility training as these are essential components to a balanced exercise routine.
  4. Know how many days per week you can devote to weight training before planning your exercise schedule. If you have 2 days per week, do a total body routine targeting all major muscle groups each session. If you have 4 days per week, try a split workout routine. On two of the days, work your chest, shoulders and triceps and on the other two days target your back, biceps and legs.
  5. If you are new to strength training, consider hiring a qualified personal trainer for a few sessions. He or she can teach you how to maximize your workout time by choosing the right exercises and help tailor a program geared to meet your goals.

Behavior modifications to lose weight quickly

  1. If you are having trouble with motivation, remind yourself that the amount of time spent exercising and adopting healthy habits are the most significant predictors of long term weight control.
  2. Eat slowly, realizing that it takes 20 minutes for food to reach your stomach and measure your portions until you are ‘portion savvy.’
  3. Leave the table when you are finished and put leftovers away immediately. Avoid ‘eating triggers’ by controlling stimulus. For example, if you always down a bag of chips while watching the game, have a backup plan ahead of time to change this pattern.
  4. Get back in touch with your sense of hunger. Vow to eat only when you are truly hungry and at a set place, such as the dining room table. Avoid eating to cure boredom, alleviate frustration or to relax. Instead, take a walk, read or spend time on a hobby.
  5. Do not skimp on sleep and try to go to bed at a consistent time every night. Sleep deprivation causes your body to secrete less leptin and more ghrelin, two hormones involved in fat storage and hunger regulation.
  6. Don’t cave-in to peer pressure. Let your buddies know that you are changing your lifestyle. If you usually meet the guys for a drink after work, suggest an alternative activity. Consider signing up to join a local sports league, such as football, that holds regular, ‘formal’ practices.


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