7 Easy Homemade Milkshake Recipes – Only 3 Ingredients


There are many varieties, but nothing compares to a home-made milkshake from fresh and natural ingredients.  How do you make homemade milkshake with milk and fruit? This article shares a number of easy recipes you can enjoy on the long summer afternoons.

Whether one calls them milkshakes, thick-shakes or frappes, they amount to the same thing. The sweet and chilled milk based drink is many people’s port of call on a hot afternoon.

Easy Vanilla Milkshake Recipe

This is the milkshake that is everyone’s favorite, even if they don’t realize it is. A simple vanilla milkshake, if made properly, will have enough flavor to satisfy even the most demanding thirst. To make a quality vanilla milkshake, blend one pint of quality vanilla ice cream with one-quarter cup of milk, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and the smallest pinch of salt.

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake Recipe

Using foil, boil eight marshmallows until they have browned. Then follow the steps of the Easy Vanilla Milkshake, with the addition of six of the toasted marshmallows to the recipe. Use the last two toasted marshmallows to decorate the surface of the milkshake. If the mixture is too thick, use more milk in the recipe.

Fig and Port Milkshake Recipe

This must be the most unexpected milkshake on this list, but, seeing as though it can be made within a few minutes, it’s one that people should try. Simmer one cup of port with one third of a cup of chopped and dried figs until the amount of the liquid has reduced by half. Cool before blending with one tablespoon of port. Mix this equally with the Simple Vanilla milkshake.

Very Berry Milkshake Recipe

One begins this recipe by imitating the process of making the simple strawberry recipe, but with a little twist. Instead of adding one cup of strawberries, one should add one half of a cup of strawberries and one half cup of raspberries and blueberries. A person could alter the recipe slightly with the addition of different varieties of berries if wished.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Milkshake Recipe

Another variation of the strawberry milkshake, and one that takes advantage of the sweet and tart combination. Simmer one and a half cups of rhubarb with two tablespoons of both sugar and water, and one quarter of a teaspoon of the zest from an orange. When the rhubarb is soft, leave aside to cool. Blend this mixture with one half of a cup of milk and one pint of good quality strawberry ice cream.

Easy Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

No list of milkshakes would be complete without a chocolate recipe, would it? Blend your favorite chocolate ice cream with one quarter of a cup of milk, or cream, and three tablespoons of rich chocolate syrup.

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

This easy strawberry milkshake recipe keeps it simple with just 3 ingredients: fresh strawberries, ice cream and milk. The strawberry milkshake makes a delicious drink or dessert. This cool and creamy strawberry milkshake is especially enjoyable on a hot summer day, but you can use frozen strawberries to make milkshakes in winter too. Make an easy strawberry milkshake in under a minute.

Easy Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

Buy your favorite strawberry ice cream and blend it with a cup of good quality fresh strawberries and one-quarter cup of milk. One could save a couple of strawberries from the blender to serve halved on the surface of the ice cream or alongside the ice cream. A mint leaf makes a nice decoration on this strawberry milkshake.


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