How to Lose Weight in College: Easy Tips for Students to Get Skinny


Most students wonder how to lose weight in college dorms. Constant stress and poor eating habits hinder weight loss, but you can still get skinny in a dorm. Just get smart and follow the proven plan.
Most students wonder how to lose weight in college dorms while drinking and without exercise. Constant stress and poor eating habits hinder weight loss, but you can still get skinny in a dorm. Just get smart and stick to the proven plan.

Health is wealth, most of you know this age-old adage. Despite this there are times when we tend to undermine our health, and this is very common in students. Studies have shown that 70% of students gain weight while they are in college. It is an alarming situation and needs an immediate redressal. Weight loss is a great way to achieve it, but it should be scientifically followed.

Weight loss is a delicate topic. Some people are unhappy with the way they look but still not ready to try out the rigorous methods of weight loss. It is important to lose weight safely. People are influenced by watching models & beautiful stars on the magazine covers & television, all of this is not a reality. Your goal should be to have a healthy body.

Inspirational QuoteThe best way to lose weight is to have a long-term plan. You should remember that the extra pounds have not accumulated overnight so they cannot be removed overnight. If you want to lose weight naturally, you need to follow a long-term plan, which requires effort and dedication. There are no shortcuts. Make sure that you stick to the natural methods of weight loss as they don’t affect your body adversely.

Obesity is caused mostly by overeating for years and not just in one night. This often affects students who have to sit for long hours. Therefore, you’ll have to lose weight naturally and gradually if you want to have long-term effects. You should follow a comprehensive fitness program that includes a healthy and balanced diet and exercises for you.

Daily Commitment

Firstly, you must be ready to lose weight. It is all about willpower and your undiluted intentions to attain your goal. If you want to lose weight naturally, you should set daily goals and have full commitment. People who avoid setting daily and weekly goals have a higher probability that their fitness program will fail. Simple daily goals keep you motivated and encourage you to stick to your plans.

Nutrition Supplements

Appropriate nutrition is necessary for losing weight. You should add nutrition supplements to your diet.  In college, you spend a lot of energy, and thus, your body must have a regular supply of necessary nutrients and vitamins. To lose weight, you eat less food but your body still needs appropriate nutrition. You should use natural supplements like whey protein. For example, check the coffee protein shake recipes.

Sound Sleep

As a student, you must get adequate sleep so that you are refreshed and ready to take new classes. Sound sleep is very critical for losing weight. While you are sleeping, your muscles are repaired and toned. It is the time when your muscles gain good shape and burn some unwanted fat.  Avoid synthetic drugs that induce sleep; rather prefer to fall asleep naturally.

Balanced Diet

You should follow a balanced diet and avoid unhealthy fats. You should also know what vitamins and minerals are present in your diet and what nutrients are missing.

  • Your diet should be rich in fiber and protein. Combined with an exercise program, the diet will help you not only gain muscle but also boost metabolism to burn fat.
  • Avoid processed foods and always prefer fresh fruit and vegetables. The reason is that processed foods contain lots of unhealthy fats, which make you gain weight.

Caloric Deficit

Most men need approximately 2500 calories a day, while most women need a little fewer calories, only 2000. Your calorie requirement depends on your weight and age. But most of all it depends on your activity level. The more you move around and exercise, the more calories you burn. There are special formulas to calculate how many calories you need per day.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is calorie free and it helps you feel full. Moreover, drinking enough water is a matter of crucial importance when you work out because water is required to energize muscle. If your muscle cells are dehydrated, their performance suffer and you cannot get the best results from your workout. If plain water is boring, try fruit infused water or detox teas.

Avoid Soft Drinks

Sodas, soft drinks, and canned juices are packed with added sugars and empty calories. Watch out for the drinks you take in every day. This way you can control a significant amount of calories.  This would be the toughest part for you as a student, since consumption of soft drinks becomes an accompaniment of any get-together.

Avoid binge eating. Many people tend to overeat when depressed or stressed out. Keep your hands off food when you are going through a bad mood. Do not make eating a hobby.

Avoid Fad Diets

As a student, it happens many a time that you consume fad foods which are not healthy. Strictly stay away from such unhealthy snacks. Another point to note here is that college students often sit at the table while they study. Keep moving around rather than sitting for too long. A healthy body makes you feel much more confident.

Drink Green Tea

Students are fond of tea, especially when they have to study for long hours. However, consuming sweet tea is not healthy. It’s advisable to switch to green tea. This tea is not only good for the body, but it also keeps your stress level lower. Drinking green tea is a great way to curb appetite and also to hydrate the body.

Your body often confuses hunger with thirst, and when people think they are hungry, they are often just thirsty. By drinking green tea in place of consuming unnecessary foods or sugary beverages, you can cut down a lot of calories.

In conclusion, it is true that college life never comes back, so make sure that you have a healthy and happy one. The worst part about weight gain is that it is difficult to lose it. However, following the steps above persistently will help you burn fat and stay healthy.

Author Bio: Sohail is a blogger, currently associated with, a Singapore tuition agency. His hobbies include healthy living, writing, traveling and gardening.


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