The Hunter & Gatherers’ Diet


For you to be able to define the Hunter & Gatherers’ diet (Stone Age diet) you must first be interested in discovering the most appropriate food types. Today, there is a wide variety of food in the market claiming to be Stone Age when in real sense it is not. For a diet to qualify to be termed Stone Age, also known as caveman’s diet, it has to be exclusive to the food groups that were consumed by the people before the agricultural revolution era.

What does the Hunter & Gatherers’ Diet Consist of?

A good example of Stone Age foods include hunted foods and fished foods. These foods include meat from gathered animals, eggs, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, insects, seeds, nuts, and mushrooms among others.

Today, the caveman’s diet is preferred over the modern diets because of the benefits that it comes with. You are likely to see blogs highlighting how our ancestors lived on bush foods yet they never suffered any malnutrition. That is unlike currently where people have to exert efforts just to remain healthy. In fact, health has become the biggest topic of discussion in the modern man’s lifestyle. However, there is more bad than good to achieve due to the modern feeding styles.

Is the Hunter & Gatherers’ Diet Healthy?

According to statistics, people who embark on consuming the Stone Age diet across the world have greater endurance against diseases. Their immune systems are not likely to be attacked by diseases of this generation such as diabetes and hypertension. However, the introduction of the modern feeding life styles in such communities also introduces the above-named conditions.

In the quest to find out the effect of the caveman’s diet on modern-day people, a clinical study was conducted on fourteen diabetic patients. This group was put alongside another group with the same number of patients. They were subjected to the cave dwellers’ diet and a Mediterranean diet respectively to compare the progress of their conditions. After a couple of weeks, there was a significant drop in blood sugar, up to twenty six percent in the patients who were subjected to the Paleo diet as compared to a seven percent drop on the patients who survived on Mediterranean food.

With these research findings, it was concluded that the Stone Age diet was excellent for people suffering from diabetes as compared to other types of food. After this research, other benefits of this diet were realized too.

Recent studies suggest high possibilities of Stone Age food supporting mechanisms to overcome metabolic syndrome deficiencies. There is no denying the fact that this diet contains balanced minerals supportive to the healthy state of the body. Feeding on it can therefore guarantee the consumer a good life free from the common illnesses brought about by ready-made canned foods.

Nevertheless, most of the foods found in the market today claiming to be the equivalent of caveman’s food have fewer health benefits when compared with the original ancient food. Some people claim that the available Paleo food is too boring for consumption. If you are concerned about your health and you are willing to improve your general health status, then the Hunter & Gatherers’ diet may be your choice.


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