How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss


Losing a lot of weight is hard. One of the side effects of losing a lot of weight quickly is that the body has not had the proper time to adjust to all of this weight loss. Rapid weight loss often causes unsightly folds of loose skin. This typically occurs anytime a person loses more than a pound or two a week. When you suffer from loose skin after a drastic weight loss, you can try these tips to help tone and firm your body back into shape.

Build Muscle

The reason that people get unsightly loose skin after losing a lot of weight is that the fat that stretched the skin out is suddenly gone. One of the best ways to fix this problem is to replace the former fat with muscle. If you strength train while you are losing weight, then you can allow the muscle and fat to magically switch places. If you are already suffering from loose skin from rapid weight loss, then your best bet is to perform strength training exercises with weights that target the areas that you need to tone up.

Eat Well

When your body is dealing with all of this excess loose skin, it will slowly tighten it back up over time. You can accelerate this process by eating lots of lean proteins and colorful vegetables. Your body will use this lean protein along with the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables to repair your skin and increase its elasticity.

Be Patient

If you experience a lot of weight loss in a short period of time, then you will most likely have to be patient while you are waiting for your skin to bounce back to its prior firmness. It can take up to two years for skin to completely regain its elasticity. This can be very frustrating after you have put in the hard work to lose all that weight.

However, don’t let it frustrate you. You can always wear compression clothing over the loose skin while you are waiting for it to bounce back. In the meantime, you can accelerate the process by rigorously performing your strength training three or four times per week a well. Also, don’t forget to get all your nutrients. You can get these nutrients through balanced meals and a meal replacement shake. As long as you are patient and keep treating your body right, your skin will respond and end up looking beautiful.


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  • Also make sure to stay hydrated. 8 glasses of water a day minimum. No soda, milk or sugar drinks. That will help keep the skin elasticity.

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