How to Reduce Inflammation in the Body With Proper Diet


Many adults live with chronic pain in various areas of their bodies for unknown reasons. Many then resort to over the counter or prescription drugs to treat these symptoms without ever understanding their cause. Consequently, it may be surprising to learn that the pain may actually be a result of an unhealthy diet. Eating a basic, proper diet can lead to less inflammation throughout the body, eliminating unexplained pain. Dr. Todd Rodman from Sports Chiropractic and Natural Health Solutions finds that following the Hunter-Gatherer Diet and Lifestyle is one of the easiest ways to maintain an anti-inflammatory diet that reduces seemingly unexplainable ache and pain.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation can occur throughout the body and is usually manifested in swelling, redness, and pain of different intensities. Inflammation occurs as a response by the body to harmful substances that are damaging the body. Inflammation actually aides healing and protects against progressive destruction of the tissue. Chronic inflammation, however, is a sign of constant introduction of harmful substances to the body and can eventually lead to an array of temporary and permanent diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis. Pain relievers usually work as anti-inflammatory reducers, though they do not attack the source of the inflammation and thus are only temporary solutions to inflammatory problems and pain.

Is inflammation increased by my diet?

The molecules which are primarily responsible for inflammation are called eicosanoids. They are made by oxidizing fatty acids and affect the body’s central nervous system and immune responses. Unfortunately, the modern American diet consists of an overabundance of “bad” eicosanoids through our consumption of sugar and vegetable oils in packaged and deep-fried foods. Fruit and vegetables, foods Americans tend to lack in their diets, are naturally anti-inflammatory because of the antioxidants they contain. In addition, other healthier oils such as omega-3 found in fish and nuts work against inflammation. These foods naturally reduce inflammation while supplying the body with the necessary nutrients to be healthy and free of random pain.

Eating an unbalanced diet high in sugar and saturated fats has the opposite effect, increasing inflammation and pain. To maintain a healthy back, a functioning digestive system, a strong cardiovascular system, and the rest of your body in good shape, it is important first adhere to a healthy diet!

What sort of diet might help?

The Hunter-Gatherer Diet is recommended as one of the best ways to control inflammation and stay healthy. It has been formulated from research finding that when people stick to the most basic, least processed foods available, the functioning of their entire system is better. This diet calls for the consumption of fresh, natural foods: fruit, vegetables, and nuts. Fats should be taken from nuts, fish or fish oils, and extra virgin olive oil. Trans fats should be avoided entirely, meaning no intake of deep-fried foods, margarine, or packaged baked goods. Lean protein should be received through the consumption of skinless poultry, fish, and lean red meat, avoiding fatty processed meat like bacon and sausage. Water intake should be continuously high, coupled with regular exercise.

Constant pain does not have to be a facet of your everyday life simply because you are getting older. The pain is probably caused by inflammation in various parts of your body, and as we have seen, such inflammation can easily be lessened if not eliminated simply by changing your diet to a more basic, healthy consumption of natural and fresh foods. Maintaining a healthy body can be achieved without the aid of drugs if you can listen to the dietary needs of your body.


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