How to Lose a Double Chin Fast


Believe it or not, in today’s society a double chin is an extremely common problem. People are not working out anymore, they have hectic eating plans, and their bodies accumulate fat in places we least expect. A “double-chin” is caused by weight gain, but sometimes it can be triggered by aging as well. If you want to get rid of your double-chin or at least hide it, the following tips will certainly help you out.

Opt for shirts with a deep cleavage

To drive people’s eyes away from the face, you might want to opt for shirts with low cuts. They will successfully hide your double chin and improve your posture as well. Never choose a high collar shirt because it will emphasize your issue, instead of concealing it.

Make-up: the ideal trick

If you don’t want to opt for surgery to remove your double chin, you could try to conceal it using make-up, this being one of the most effective, and most frequently used tricks. Also, you could ask a proficient cosmetologist for advice, as he or she will be able to give you some valuable suggestions, and will present you the best ways to mask your problem. The secret is to apply the foundation very cautiously, and make sure that it matches your skin perfectly. It will make your double chin less obvious, and will also hide all visible lines.

Plastic surgery

By far the most effective strategy to get rid of a double chin is plastic surgery.  All the excess fat is going to be eliminated, as well as the excess skin. Likewise, this surgery can be performed in two distinct ways, namely liposuction – a procedure aimed to eliminated all the fat stores, and chin tuck – a procedure that removes slack skin.

Lose weight

There’s no better way of getting rid of a double chin than exercise. Working out on a weekly basis help you get rid of that extra fat from the face and body. Your double chin will be eradicated in a few weeks if you choose to do cardio and adopt a healthier diet.

Most exercises you should try to get rid of a double chin are called platysma exercises. Lean your head on the back and open your mouth. Stretch your neck muscles and as you open your mouth try to breathe deeply. Repeat the exercise 20 times daily for a period of 2 weeks. The fat from the neck will vanish and your face will look toned and defined.

Watch your posture

If you’re not fond of jaw and neck exercises, you can always pay close attention to your posture. An erect posture keeps the body straight. Bring the chest in the front and slightly lift your head. Practice your posture in the mirror every day and you’ll see great results.

Chew gum

Chewing gum is probably the simplest, most straightforward way of getting rid of a double chin. During this practice, the facial muscles and the jaws are being intensely trained. Hence, you’ll burn away extra fat and you’ll manage to radically transform your face without feeling that you’re struggling too much.


Studies have shown that laughter is an excellent way of getting rid of a double chin. When you laugh, your cheekbones and neck muscles are intensively worked out. Try to adopt a positive mood every single day; meet up with friends, have a good time, and laugh as much as you can. It’s a trick that will certainly showcase excellent results in a matter of weeks.

Eat apples

Training the jaw muscles is one of the best ways of removing a double chin. Apples are raw, healthy and they’re excellent fruits meant to keep your neck muscles engaged. Of course, if apples are not your favorite fruit, you can always try pears for example.

As you can see there are numerous ways of getting rid of a double chin. Whether you’re courageous enough to opt for surgery or you want to exercise, the results are equally efficient. Still, in order to make sure that the double chin doesn’t reappear, it’s critical to have an active lifestyle. Work out, laugh and be healthy so that you won’t have to worry again that you’ll have a double chin.

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