How to Increase Metabolism Naturally to Lose Weight


Raise the rate at which your body burns calories to lose weight naturally.

Not everyone burns calories at the same rate. Your metabolism is influenced by a few factors you cannot change and a number of factors you can change.

Factors you cannot change include your sex and age. Men generally burn more calories than women do. However, explanation is simple: men usually have more muscle then do women of the same weight, height and age.

When you are getting older, metabolism usually slows a little bit. However, the change is so insignificant that it cannot lead to gaining excess weight if your lifestyle is healthy.

Factors you can change include the amount of muscle tissue you have, your physical activity level and your diet. Gaining muscle mass can boost your metabolism. A pound of lean muscle can burn 35 to 50 calories per day, whereas a pound of fat only burns 2 to 3 calories per day.

Consider combining aerobic exercises with regular strength training. Aerobic helps you burn calories when you are doing exercises, but your body’s metabolism returns to the pre-exercise level within 30 minutes. After a weight lifting workout, you body burns calories at an increased speed for up to two hours. Moreover, weight training lets you gain muscles, which burn calories even when you sleep.

Plan your diet. Eat 4 to 6 six small meals through the day. Do not skip meals because your body will try to slow your metabolism down to conserve energy. If you need to cut you calorie intake, do so gradually. Crash dieting may prevent you from losing weight.

Substitute nutrient-dense food for empty calories. Eat whole grains, fish, fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy products. Try to avoid sodas and other sugary drinks as well as alcohol. Green tea and red pepper can boost metabolism for a short time, but there is no evidence that the effect is enough to cause weight loss.

To increase metabolism, build muscles, eat several small meals a day, prefer nutrient-dense food to processed empty-calorie food and be active.


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