How to Diagnose and Treat Scabies


Scabies is a skin disorder caused by microscopic insects or mites. Signs and symptoms of scabies include redness and itching of the infected area. When mites enter the body, they leave their eggs in vast numbers which then multiply and further aggravate the condition. Thus, scabies spreads to other parts of the body fairly quickly and is also transmitted through prolonged skin contact with others. The trouble with scabies is that the symptoms may not appear till after some time when the infestation has spread significantly. Scabies largely results from not observing proper sanitation so even if you are on special diets, make sure you wash your food thoroughly.

Scabies Mites Diagnosis

Scabies is diagnosed by the symptoms it produces on the person who is infected. The problem usually starts with redness of the skin which slowly gets itchy. After a while, a rash may develop which spreads to other body areas. The itching is usually more intense after a hot bath or shower. The rashes may even look like small insect bites where the mites have burrowed their way into the body. Scabies usually develops more frequently in certain areas of the body, namely shoulders, knees and genitalia.

If you have any of these conditions, you need to visit the doctor who can do a further examination of the affected areas to detect the scabies mite. Sometimes doctors may perform what is called an ink test to determine the presence of mites. A few drops of ink are spilled on the affected area and wiped off with an alcohol swab. Remnants of the ink prove the presence of the parasites. Other times for a more thorough diagnosis, a sample of skin from the affected area may need to be taken as well for laboratory testing.

Scabies Mites Treatment

Treating scabies is a fairly simple procedure–only some special anti-mite creams or lotions are applied on the affected areas to kill the insects. However, since scabies is highly contagious, there is a large possibility that the affected person’s family members may have been infected as well. In addition, all linen, towels, handkerchiefs, underclothes etc. need to be thoroughly disinfected. There is no food item you can eat to treat scabies.

Remember that scabies mites are resistant to ordinary detergent and boiling water also. So they need to be destroyed with special insecticides.

Whatever diet plan you may follow always wash all fruits and vegetables properly before consumption.

While scabies is a fairly uncomplicated problem, it can cause certain complications in specific sets of people. These include expecting mothers, very young children, patients from a high age bracket, etc.

It’s vital for anyone experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms of scabies to immediately visit a dermatologist in order to get themselves checked for scabies. Remember that prevention is better than cure, so always observe proper hygiene, especially with food items in the Dukan Diet or any other.


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