Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips for Spa Owners


Most people who admire hot tubs and would want to have one in their homes normally shy away due to the unfounded fear that the accessories will cost them more in electricity bills. However, you can manage your unit and thus save a few dollars in the process. Once you buy your spa, the next thing will be to understand how best to utilize it, thus enjoying the desired benefits while at the same time avoiding the headache that is likely to arise from inflated electric bills every month. Below are some  tips that will come in handy when using your unit:

  1. Your hot tub comes with inbuilt filters which are very important for the functioning of the unit. You should program your heat/filter cycles so that they are able to work at night if it contains a “night-rate” indicator.
  2. To prevent the jets from pulling in cold air when the hot tub is not in use, you should switch off the air valves/controls and leave them that way. This will help reduce the amount of time it takes to run the jets whenever you intend to use your spa.
  3. Most hot tubs are equipped with a “standby” or “economy” mode which you should utilize. Inspect to see whether your user manual has this feature to enable you set your spa 10-15 degrees colder that the temperature you have already set.
  4. Check the insulation of your hot tub to ensure that it is done properly. You will benefit from an underneath layer of foam board insulation and this should be your concern.
  5. To prevent heat loss when the spa is not in use, make use of a “solar cover” or a “thermal blanket”. You can get a new cover which might cost you less than what you spend on your electric bills. This will in return save you more in terms of energy and make usage easier as a result.
  6. Use a fence or privacy panel to block the prevailing winds as this could also help in lowering your energy bills by a very big margin.
  7. Inspect your spa cabinet and see whether there is a possibility of adding some more insulation. You should consider something like a foil-faced bubble-wrap which is available in many online home improvement stores. This insulation is easy to use and waterproof as well.
  8. Inspect the top and bottom cabinet perimeter and see whether there are any gaps or openings through which the heat is likely to escape. In case there is, make sure that these gaps are sealed properly. You should also keep the spa away from under drip edges including ice and water falling on cabinet or covers as this will only cause the temperatures to drop below the normal.
  9. You should also consider positioning your hot tub facing towards the sun or southwards as this will help melt the ice and thus maintain the spa cover vinyl temperatures up.

You should be able to use your hot tub efficiently and enjoy all the desired benefits and especially during those cold nights. Remember to service your hot tub frequently and to keep the water clean and well-balanced chemically for durability and effectiveness.

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