Healthy Morning Routine for Women to Start a Perfect Day


It is interesting how difficult it is for people to force themselves to do regular exercise. The most ridiculous of it all is the fact that we spend numerous hours chatting on social networks, watching TV or sitting in smoke-filled cafés. We should only treat ourselves with the respect each and every of us deserve and start taking care of our shape and health. Nobody else can do that instead of us.

Laziness as an excuse

Being inactive for a while and not devoting time to our health can become a way of living. First we make excuses to ourselves, making up reasons why we cannot do any physical exercise. Day by day, week by week and we become convinced that we do not have enough time for such a practice. By doing so, we convince ourselves that we do not have time for physical activities, while we are actually finding excuses for being lazy. We are not supposed to be bodybuilders or those hyper-attractive actors from magazine covers. We need to stay physically active only because of our health.

Small steps for big goals

If you have been absent from the gym or tracks, establish less-demanding goals. For instance, determine that you need to walk for 1 mile today. Tomorrow, when you wake up, go and run for a half of a mile. Cardio exercises should be done in the morning, when the body is fresh and the mind is still relaxed. The fat goes away when your heart beat rate is increased. Small runs are a great beginning.

More water, more freshness

Apart from building mental walls, we also do cardinal mistakes when it comes to food and water intake. Early in the morning, when you wake up, start the day with two glasses of water. This divine liquid will launch positive processes in your body and feed the skin, the brain and the whole body with necessary ions and minerals. If you decide to do regular morning practice, always take a bottle of water with you, especially during the hot season. Also, the amount if the water that you take in the morning should be more excessive when you do exercise.

Strength and stretch exercises

Beside the above-mentioned cardio-exercise, you also need to do some strength practice, to activate the most critical parts of your body. In a nutshell, you need to activate you muscles to start losing fat and cellulite. When it comes to middle-aged women, cellulite becomes the burning issue. However, with regular cardio and strength exercises and balanced diet, you will establish a cellulite reduction system, which will take off the piles from your thighs, bottom and belly.

The most efficient strength exercises that burn the fat are squats. For starters, you do not need to do the full, deep squats, but try with half-squats or lateral squats.

First steps in doing regular exercise and disciplining yourself about food are the hardest ones, but if you divide them into smaller chunks, you will be more and more self-confident and you will not be able to start your day without your healthy routine.

Sophie is a contributor for several beauty and health blogs. She’s interested in healthy living and fitness. She wrote this article together with a doctor from Med Aesthetic, trusted clinic for cellulite treatments in Perth.


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