Getting Started With a Weight Loss Plan


Fitness is the one issue that could bind the whole world together. With obesity looming over us like an epidemic, it has become the need of the day. Therefore, it isn’t really much of a surprise that every single person is at least sub-consciously thinking about trying a diet plan or working out some more. However, more often than not, chances are that you may not even need weight loss. If not that, you could be doing something wrong or something that isn’t really meant for you. This is exactly why you need to learn some quick lessons before you actually hop on to the weight loss bandwagon and end up with a dozen health issues and a lifetime full of regrets.

Do you need to lose weight?

In most instances, “fatness” is more of a state of mind than an actual problem. Maybe it’s because thin is always more acceptable than ‘heavy’. What each of us needs to remember is that thinness is just a fad. Before you try that next instant diet fix or some magic workout, check your weight, run a thorough consult with your doctor about everything right from your BMI, to your blood sugar levels, medical history, weight history, lifestyle and the like. Even the littlest details can affect your health, so first determine if you’re really in need of a plan and figure out the best course of action from there.

Weight loss takes time

The real weight loss, the one that is healthy and lasts forever, takes time to show amazing results. Yes, there are quick fixes, but will they ensure overall well-being? We think not. De-bloating can be taken care of within a week or so, but proper fat-reduction and muscle-strengthening can take months. It is important that you know this because it’s way too easy to give up under the pretext of ineffectiveness.

Set healthy goals

While goals like “I need to fit into that outfit” do help when it comes to staying motivated, it also makes you resort to desperate and unhealthy measures. Setting healthy and long-term goals will influence you to make healthy choices. Moreover, reaching fitness goals through the right channels actually leaves you feeling good too.

Diet and workout go hand in hand

Thriving on rabbit food alone isn’t going to work. Every fitness expert will tell you that the only way to get in shape is by having that perfect balance of healthy wholesome food and a good workout. Sticking to a diet and not working out will help you lose weight, but it will also give you a flab and leave you looking like a stick. Overeating and not working out, on the other hand, will only render all your efforts futile, the same way under-eating and over-working will leave you sick and tired. Therefore, find your balance.

It’s going to be painful

You’ll have to make some pretty difficult choices in terms of food and lifestyle. This may involve skipping the parties, giving up on the beloved beer and much more. And let’s face it–that does take iron will, especially if you’re the only one amongst your family and friends trying to get fitter. You’ll find a tiny little voice in your head tell you every now and then, “I’ll let go today, work out tomorrow”. If not that, there will be way too many moments when you’ll want to just curl up in a corner and cry yourself to sleep. Our advice: hang in there, buddy. It won’t be long before you’ll find yourself crying tears of joy.

The road to fitness is tough, rocky and sure as hell difficult to stick to, but whenever you feel like wavering, remember the very reason why you’ve taken fitness up in the first place.

The author of this post, Karen Fernandes, is a part of the team at ReNove Medical Spa, a renowned medical spa in Delaware. Her hobbies include swimming and crochet. You can follow her on Twitter for more information.


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