How to Get Rid of Knee Fat – Add 5 Proven Exercises to Your Workout


It has been scientifically proven that spot reduction is not possible, though very desirable. For example, right-handed tennis players use their right hand more often than the left one and still there is not much difference in the fat percentage of both hands. To get rid of knee fat, you have to follow a healthy diet and lose weight. Any cardio exercises, like running or jumping, help you burn calories but cardio exercises are not easy for beginners. To get started, try walking for weight loss. What you can do particularly for your knees is to improve blood circulation in your legs and tone your muscles. This will give you an instant effect. Add these five exercises to your workout routine to get rid of knee fat.

The best exercise to get rid of knee fat.

Bicycle Training

Most of you would include bicycle training as a cardio exercise but if you are keeping an eye on the fat around your knees, this is a great exercise for you. The good thing about bicycles is that you can manipulate or control the amount of pressure you need for your exercise. If you want to strengthen your leg muscles and eliminate the fat around your knees, you can tighten the resistance on your bicycle. This will allow you to exert more energy as you exercise and build muscle. One more thing that can help you get a better result is not to sit while biking. If you are standing while you pedal, you can distribute the pressure and it will be easier to deal with fat.


Some people underestimate the effects of squat. But this is one of the most effective exercises to eliminate fat around the knees. There are different ways on how you can take full advantage of this. You can do it with weights. You can also increase the number of minutes and the number of squats you take every day.

Rope Jump

This exercise is classic but its effectiveness never goes out of fashion for people who want to lose weight. Rope jump targets the knees and the muscles on the legs. You just need to have enough stretching before hitting on that rope. The secret to make this exercise effective is to make it a habit. You should take note of your counting and try to add more to what you normally do whenever you feel like you need to. This is also an effective cardio exercise.


Lunge is also very easy to perform. And if you do it right, you will surely get a good result. Stand properly so that you will not get uncomfortable while doing the exercise. Place your hands on your waist for support. Now start lunging forward, backward and then on your sides. You can use weights to put more pressure on your legs and knees. Just like other exercises, you also need some warm up for you not to experience pain and discomfort while doing the exercise.

Stair Stepping

Strengthening the feet and knees requires more pressure. Walking is right but you need to make it a bit more challenging. Stair stepping will give the feet what is needed to eliminate the fat on the knees. This may be quite tiring but you will get the results faster compared to merely walking. Aside from this, you can also consider some uphill walk if you want to work out outside.

Dealing with fat around your knees is easier if you are going to put more effort in doing the exercises listed above. However, these should only be the highlight of your workout routine. Exercises should be holistic. Put your focus on what you want to lose but do not forget to make your body healthier and to improve your body condition. As you continue with the different activities that help you lose weight and get rid of excess fat, do not forget to eat healthy and get enough sleep. You also need to track the results you get from the activities you engage yourself in. You should record your weight and see how it has changed since you started to exercise. It can be a great motivation for you to go on with what you have started and get rid of knee fat.

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