How to Get a Bikini Body


Winter may seem like the least likely time of year to be worrying about the way your bikini body looks. But summer has a way of catching up to you quickly, and January is the perfect month to start preparing for it. Here are some steps to take during those colder months to get your body naturally fit and ready to hit those beaches.

Strengthen Your Core

If all of your ambitious New Year’s resolutions happen to fall to the wayside, you should at least focus on getting your core strong and in shape. No bikini-body is complete without fit and flat abdominal muscles on display. Challenge yourself through winter with a variety of abdominal exercises, and try to sit up a little taller and straighter every day for extra strength.

Focus Your Workout around Squats

What is the second most important component to your bikini body? You know it. Squats are a great exercise to center your workouts around because they help strengthen your core, legs, and especially your gluts. There are plenty of different styles of squats, and you should vary between them to work out as many areas as possible. Make sure to always stretch before squats, however, to avoid injuring yourself.

Avoid Treats

This is perhaps the most difficult step to commit to, but it’s extremely important. Around the holidays, do your best to avoid fatty foods and sugary treats. They may be plentiful, but unless you make healthier choices and start good habits now, it will hinder your success for months to come. Try to cut sugar out of your diet as much as possible throughout the winter months.

Drink More Water

One problem with staying fit and healthy in winter months is a decreased impulse to drink water. It’s cold outside, you’re not as active, and a cool glass of water just doesn’t feel as relieving. Do your best to habitually drink more water during these winter months. It will help you lose weight faster, reduce bloating and swelling, and stay healthy.

Keep Your Goals Healthy

Perhaps the best reason for starting your fitness plan in January is that it allows for more healthy weight loss. Too many women try to lose weight rapidly at the end of the spring, rather than gradually over the colder months. Set goals for losing 1-2 pounds a week, or adding a couple of reps onto your exercises each day. You can afford the luxury of taking it slow when you start this early.

Keep Your Stress Levels Down

Even after Christmas, the winter months can be an extremely stressful time of year. The days are shorter, driving in weather can be difficult, and the dark days can lead to some low moods. Focus on keeping your energy up and exercising regularly over the winter months, and try to make it as fun as possible for yourself. Less stress will make it easier for your body to lose weight, and will make your journey more enjoyable as well.

You may have given up hope for a chance at a bikini body, but anything is possible with enough time. The important thing is to have patience with yourself, and practice your healthy lifestyle diligently over a long period of time. If you can start in the wintertime and work hard, Brazilian bikinis and other sexy swimwear will be yours for the picking!

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