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There are dozens of applications, for smartphones and other mobile electronic devices, which can help users track the consumption of certain nutrients, their daily caloric expenditure, and other common factors for dieting and staying in shape.  However, while these can be helpful, few are comprehensive enough that they provide an overall picture of how the food we eat affects our well-being.  Metabolic typing, or MT, is one way to uncover the hidden connections between the foods we eat and the reactions our bodies experience as a result.  MT is not just a diet or nutrition plan; it is a system for uncovering the physical, emotional and mental effects of the foods we consume.  By establishing these connections, we can learn to avoid foods which create a negative reaction.

Foodio is one relatively new app that can be of assistance to those who are interested in exploring metabolic typing as an alternative to (or supplement for) traditional diet plans.  Foodio is designed to track what you eat, and how your body reacts to the foods you consume, so that you learn which foods to eat more frequently, and which to avoid.  You can use it to keep a food diary, and enter notes indicating how much of each food you ate.  You can also specify how each food was prepared, since the method of preparation can have a surprising impact on the way in which the food affects your body.  By saving the meals you create for future use, you can save yourself time when entering food into your diary.  Foodio even allows you to set alarms so that you won’t forget to create your diary entries an hour and fifteen minutes after you eat, which is the optimal interval for recording your metabolic typing data.

In addition to acting as a food diary, Foodio provides users with a unique way to interact with their dietician, nutritionist, personal trainer, metabolic typing adviser, or other professional who is assisting with their journey to fitness.  Advisers will be able to see not only what users are eating, but also how they are preparing it, which is crucial for gaining a true understanding of why and how the food users eat affects them the way it does.  With the push of a button, users can also send their food diaries to their advisers, choosing either a day, week or custom date range, and set up appointments and reminder.

With all of the dieting and nutrition apps that are available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best suited for your needs. If you are an adherent of metabolic typing, however, Foodio is the app for you.  Having been designed specifically for MT practitioners, Foodio has all of the features necessary to help you succeed in your quest to stay healthy and avoid foods that cause negative reactions within you; however, it is also well-suited to any other diet or fitness regime, and can easily be customized to fit any user’s needs.


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