Best Exercises to Tone Your Butt, Thighs and Hips – Workout Video


Exercises to Tone Your Butt, Hips, Thighs


What are the best buttocks exercises? What exercises are good to lift your buttocks?
How do you tighten your buttocks? Check tips and exercises to tone and lift your butt. Get your butt, thighs and legs into shape fast.

Today, that ‘bootylicious’ look is what most women desire. Celebrities have made the bodacious booty into a fashion statement and it seems way out of the average woman’s reach, especially when you know most of the time, it’s like they have magically achieved the look overnight (which is probably true if implants have anything to do with it). What everyone should know is that it is possible to achieve the butt you have always dreamed of without the implants, just with some additional work.

Your buttocks are made up of three main muscles which are known as your glutes. You have the medius, maximus and minimus. It is true that your genetics will have an impact on the shape of your booty but everyone does have the same muscles so toning them up can only do them and your body good. The following tips and exercises are ten great ways to bring you closer to that hour-glass figure and being the envy of all of your friends.

1. Lose the extra pounds

Although you may think the more fat you have around your glutes the better it is for your booty, it actually doesn’t give you a firm and rounded look, rather, it just makes you look flabby and undefined. Before checking out your backside after every workout, look at targeting your body fat first. Being at your healthy weight range will majorly boost your chances of gaining muscle where you want to and attaining that signature look.

2. Eat well

To lose the extra pounds, a healthy and well balanced diet will ensure you don’t add any unwanted fat to your waistline and booty. Make sure you control your diet so you eat foods that break down slowly and eat healthy snacks throughout the day.

3. Run or walk

Running and walking are also great ways to help slim you down and also use your glutes. Regular running and walking are also great ways to improve your general physical and mental health so you will never be at a loss.

4. Do squats

Squatting is one of the greatest moves to help you get your booty into shape. Just looking at yourself while squatting already feels and looks like you are getting somewhere the way your bottom sticks out and looks totally round. Try holding it for a minute and keep your legs further apart to really focus on your glutes, keeping your back straight. Having your legs close together will use more of your thigh muscles so try to keep them further apart to focus on your target area.

5. Do lunges

There are so many ways to do lunges which each help you tone up your booty. Remember to keep your back straight as you step forward and focus on the side glute muscles. When in position, you should be able to feel that your side glutes are tense. Try lunges in motion, on the spot, and side lunges always alternating legs.

6. Do the floor booty-lift

This is often known as the ‘bridge’ where you lay on the floor with your knees bent in a 45 degree angle with your feet and arms flat on the ground. Then lift your booty, focusing on using only your glutes to do this and release back into position.

7. Do side-lying leg lifts

Lay on your side on the floor and raise your leg up as high as you can for a minute as many times as you can before swapping sides. It’s quality, not quantity when it comes to working out your glutes so focus on doing as many raises as you can where you really feel it in your booty.

8. Try a calisthenics workout

Calisthenics workouts incorporate loads of glute-targeted strengthening exercises and are great as you don’t need anything other than some space and yourself to do them. The exercises also get your heart pumping and help you lose the extra pounds.

9. Try an exercise ball

Exercise balls open up so many different exercises that strengthen your glutes. Some include the superman lift where lying on the ground you place the ball between your feet and lift it up while lifting up your arms at the same time as if flying (like Superman). Another includes the leg plank where you place your legs on the ball and palms on the ground and lift a leg into the air before doing the same with the other. You can also use the ball when doing squats by leaning on the ball against a wall and many others great exercises; the options are endless.

10. Pull out your skates

Exercising with the help of skates is another great way to focus on toning your glutes. Especially when skating up-hill, you are forced to use your glutes to push you up and the extra weight on your feet means your backside is doing the extra work. They aren’t just great for the glutes, they are also just a great way for you to have fun while exercising and you will no doubt be feeling it the next day.

Think of getting your booty into the shape as more of a journey rather than a task. It takes more than just target training to start toning those muscles. You may think it’s impossible but prove yourself wrong. If you never try, you will never know your potential of your booty, so give it your best shot and target those glutes.

Bio: Jason Debel is co-founder of Australian gymnastics equipment store Urban Strength where you can get bodyweight training equipment and guides to train anywhere.


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