Diet and Exercise Not Working for Weight Loss?


When it comes to cardio exercise, there’s not much to it, right? You simply throw on some athletic sneakers and move around.

Actually, there is more to it than that, and many people who use a lot of cardio exercise in their exercise methods may find that they fall into one of these five common cardio exercise mistakes.

Little Exercise Variety

Are you a runner, walker, or biker? These activities are beneficial, but if you stick to one single method of cardio, you may be selling yourself short. If you want to lose fat or improve your overall fitness level, the best way to do so is by including variety. When you stick to one exercise only, you will find that your muscles and body get used to the activity and you burn less fat than when you first started. Essentially, just like your brain can get stuck in a rut, so can your body. Avoid this pitfall by trying a variety of cardio activities, like biking, dancing, running, stair climbing, and swimming.

Not Eating

Have you heard that if you exercise first thing in the morning you will burn more fat? It turns out this may not be true for everyone.

According to a study released recently in the UK, exercisers who work out before breakfast will lose more fat. However, this may not be beneficial for everyone. Food gives you added energy that can help you work out harder. If you are eating a diet full of junk foods, eating before exercising may be detrimental. However, if you are eating a healthy diet, eating before exercise can help you maintain the energy levels necessary to perform your cardio exercise effectively.

Making Up for Diet with Exercise

According to studies published in the journal Psychological Science, exercise is not enough to make up for a poor diet. Sure, you can exercise for 2 hours to burn 1,000 calories, but if you are eating an additional 3,000, you will gain weight, not lose it!

Most people are burning far fewer calories at the gym than they think. In fact, 20 minutes of brisk exercise may only yield a calorie deficit of 100 calories or less. That is not even enough to make up for one candy bar–much less a diet full of unhealthy foods.

Not Drinking Water

Cardio exercise is dehydrating. If you do not drink water during your exercise, you may have uncomfortable side effects like lightheadedness , dizzy spells, and creaky joints. Drink while you exercise to maintain hydration. Electrolyte drinks (without sugar) can help maintain the balance of salt and water in the blood.

Sticking to High Impact

High impact workouts are beneficial for fast calorie burns, but may be bad for the body in the long run. Low-impact workouts, such as using an exercise bike, swimming, or yoga provide the benefits of cardio without the body-damaging side effects.

Are you making any of these mistakes? Correct them as soon as possible to maintain your health.


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