Cycling to Lose Weight and Tone Up


Physical fitness is a major concern of almost everyone these days. Physical exercises are one of the best and essential components to set up a healthy and fit life. It is widely known that physical activities play vital role in burning down calories and in proper blood circulation. Cardiovascular workouts keep mind and body fresh and function normally. People adopt various workout routines to keep them fit and healthy as per their fitness level.

Whatever we eat or drink contains a specific amount of calories. Similarly everything we do working, walking, standing, running or even sitting and sleeping, utilizes a particular amount of calories. The key is to maintain a perfect balance in taking and utilizing the caloric amount. Extra calories store as fats in the body if you don’t burn them with proper exercising. It is essential to burn calories to lose weight. There are various aerobic activities like swimming, jogging, cycling, gardening etc. that assist you in keeping your desired weight and measurements. Regular exercising is the key to maintain weight. Additional physical activities help you in burning extra amount of calories.

Cycling for Burning Calories

Cycles were originally created for transport but now they are mostly used to maintain body shape and fitness. Cycling is a popular form of recreation and sports. It is a distinctive fun activity adopted by a number of people as an aerobic activity. It’s also one of the most economic ways of exercising that only needs a decent cycle than any other modish exercising tools. One can feel the benefits of cycling in the muscles, heart and lungs. Apart from a number of cycling benefits, it’s one of the best activities to burn calories.

The intensity and speed of the cycling vary the calorie burning process. The faster you do cycling, the more you burn the calories. However, it’s important to build stamina in the beginning before looking for long routes or faster pace.

The other major element that affects the calorie burning speed is the terrain which you choose for cycling. The calorie burning on a simple and straight route is different from cycling on hills. Obviously that terrain that needs more struggle works more on calorie burning.

The weight of the person is also a consideration for burning calories via cycling. A heavier person burns more calories when cycling for the same speed and time than a lower-weight person.

Regular cycling builds muscles all over the body. Muscles tend to burn more calories faster than fats do. So relying on cycling for shedding extra pounds is a wise decision.

Cycling Fitness Plan

The best and recommending strategy is to make and follow a particular fitness plan. If you particularly want to lose weight via cycling then it is a must to have a monthly, quarterly or yearly plan to achieve your desired weight. Make a yearly plan and divide it into various long and short-term goals. Having a plan motivates you to exercise regularly. Concentrate on pace if long distances are not a problem for you. If your pace is good then try to cover the long distances. These short goals motivate you to work more on your cycling training.

About the author: Clara John likes to know and perform fitness techniques to live an active and fit life. Clara has been passionate about learning and sharing the ways to improve fitness using specific fitness equipments to maintain optimal health. For more information about Health & Fitness visit Fitness Republic.


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