Is Counting Calories Good or Bad?


Calories are among the most counted things in the world. Almost every packaged food item that you have ever purchased is labelled with calorie estimates inclusive of fat, fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. Despite the amount of awareness available to the average American today, in terms of research studies, articles and communication, the number of people who are obese is growing, especially among young adults and teenagers who are putting on loads of unhealthy pounds as they continue to struggle through the years.

Conventional wisdom points out that is consuming fewer calories and avoiding fatty foods is not necessarily the best approach as what kinds of foods an individual eats on a daily basis makes a huge difference in the long run. It is not enough just to count calories unless you are carefully scrutinizing the kind of calories you are consuming.

The widely held belief that everything is okay when eaten in moderation is a very convenient excuse for an individual to consume whatever he or she desires. One particular study conducted by the Harvard University involved 130,000 participants who were well-educated individuals in society, comprising both men and women, healthy and not experiencing obesity issues at the commencement of the study. The study observed these participants’ eating habits, lifestyle habits and physical fitness schedules for over a period of three years. Towards the conclusion of this experiment, it was revealed that expected benefits for weight control were seen through physical activity while those who consumed more calories than the calories expended through exercise began to gain weight. However, further conclusions revealed that the greatest effect on weight control and weight loss was seen with the kinds of foods that the participants ate rather than the amount of physical activity performed. Research scientists concluded that although diet and exercise are critical to weight control, if the diet is ignored in spite of being physically active, the individual will still gain weight. The study concluded that among Americans, although physical activity is not as good as it should be, conforming to a healthy diet is far worse.

It is important to note that nobody becomes obese overnight. Unhealthy weight starts to increase slowly, over the days and months, and is often overlooked until one fine day nothing in the wardrobe seems to fit. More critical than physical appearance, unhealthy pounds gained gradually or inclined weight gain is one of the biggest culprits known to cause a host of disorders and diseases. Over eleven studies prior to the Harvard experiment revealed that gradual weight gain significantly upped the risk of cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer, paralysis and high blood pressure in women, while among the men the risk of colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease was seen.

Based on this study, it revealed how real-life experiences were critical in shaping one’s overall weight through small modifications in physical activity, lifestyle habits and good diet. It must be noted that although counting calories is critical, consuming the right calories is far more significant to good health and proper weight control.

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