Food Combining Diet for Weight Loss


The food combining diet, also known as the food combination diet, is based on the principle of separating specific foods and eating them at certain meals for good metabolism and proper digestion. This diet has stirred up a lot of disputes among dietitians. Is it really beneficial to health? Food combining for weight loss, does it work?

Food combining rules

Different foods require different digestive conditions. Digestion of food depends on the nutrients in it. Products rich in protein require acidic enzymes for their digestion, while those rich in carbohydrates require alkaline enzymes. When acids and alkalies mix in the stomach, they neutralize each other, therefore, worsen and retard digestion. So, when you eat protein and carbohydrate foods together, some of these nutrients will not be fully assimilated and partly digested food gets into the intestine. As a result, undigested remains deposit as fat and can cause indigestion and some diseases. The food combining diet is supposed to resolve the problem.

Food combining books

  1. Food Combining and Digestion: Easy to Follow Techniques to Increase Stomach Power and Maximize DigestionFood Combining Diet for Weight Loss
  2. The Complete Book of Food Combining: A New, Easy-to-Use Guide to the Most Successful Diet EverFood Combining Diet for Weight Loss
  3. The Hay Diet Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Food CombiningFood Combining Diet for Weight Loss
  4. Food Combining for Health: Get Fit with Foods that Don’t FightFood Combining Diet for Weight Loss
  5. Get Well With the Hay Diet: Food Combining and Good Health With More Help for Medically Unrecognised IllnessFood Combining Diet for Weight Loss

Food combining chart

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33 thoughts on “Food Combining Diet for Weight Loss”

  • If your not losing weight when food combining you should get your hormones checked.
    People, especially most doctors, don’t realize the effect hormones play on weight.
    I, too, have been following the food combining diet, but have not lost weight. I am under doctors care for my hormones. My stress hormone was out of whack. Which can cause weight gain. Find a good natural homeopathic doctor and check into your hormones.

  • I’m new to food combining and was wonderful what the exceptions/limitations are to drinks? I enjoy wine on ocassion and drink tea and coffee on a daily basis. I usually don’t add cream to my coffee. But, I do add honey to my tea and sugar to my coffee.

    I appreciate any thoughts/suggestions you might have.

  • is kamut bread different from other type of breads? and if so how and why? thank you for your answer. best regards. Pino

  • You are THE BOMB!!! That is amazing and you must be so proud of this accomplishment. I am, and I don’t even know you! Years ago I read something about food combinations but would you please refresh my memory? No proteins with carbs, no fruit with dairy etc…I know that’s not the right combination so please give me some examples. Also, would you please give me a few examples of some of your favorite meals? I would very much appreciate it. Laura

  • I was chucking out some old books recently and found one called “Fit For Life” written by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond. It looked interesting so I read it. I’ve been working with it for about a week. As far as I can ascertain, there’s been just one scientific attempt to examine the effects of food combining and that study failed to support the claim that food combining has weight loss as an outcome. However, in the light of the very considerable amount of anecdotal evidence from people who claim to have experienced significant weight loss from food combining, I am willing to give food combining a shot. Why? Because calory counting requires time and a home based lifestyle and I don’t have either. And because food combining may offer other benefits besides weight loss. I’m finding it sets boundaries which keep me focused but they aren’t too burdensome. I can work with that to reduce my calories, eat better, fresher more wholesome foods. Sounds good? Bon appétit!

  • Ok, I trust it but I cannot find any info that I would really trust to follow it. Don’t want to make a mistake. Some people say: ” You can it as much as you want but can’t mix carbohydrates with proteins”. Ok, define all of them. Some websites say you should not eat them in one day, others say you should not mix them in one meal. What is true then? Also, some say you should eat fruits separately. Some say you can eat carbohydrates and fruits together and proteins with vegetagles. Some allow you to eat vegetables also with carbohydrates.

    And should casrrots really be eaten separately? I actually have been following something like this for more than year and a half. I have not lost weight so I am probably not doing it correct. I am really confused. People, please advise me.

  • Please help me out here – I understand the whole cocept behind this diet but I would really love if someone could help me out ith a few simplt do I have this with milk? I also like to have salad at lunch but can i have this with tuna in brine and coleslaw ( do I omit tomatoes.

    Please help me out


  • My husband and myself started this way of life two months ago. We lost each about 10 kg. I do not see any contras. You are not starwing, you are basically eating all the food, but in a different way comparing to before. We are both above 50 and the new look gave us new life energy and a lot of satisfaction. You do not have to be very persistant to keep on going. We adopted this way of life. BP normalized, skin looks healthier, everything seams to be eassier to be accmplished.

  • I tried this diet a couple years back for two months and lost 40lbs at 5lbs a week! I’m in my early twenties, female, and lost all that weight with no exercising either. After the two months, I would have continued for a while longer but the weight lost slowed to a stop. It was disheartening because I only wanted to loose another 15lbs untill I would be at my ideal weight. One negative I noticed coming off the diet, was that my body had a harder time getting aclimated to regular foods again, and I actually experienced my first allergic reaction of my life when eating my favorite chip, Doritos. It’s been almost 3 years now and I’ve only gained about 5 pounds back! I’m now determined to try again and shed those last few pounds!

  • I highly recommend food combining for everyone . I cannot believe the change in me since I began Jan.3,2008 .
    I also cut out totally sugar of any type , all processed foods , dairy and all breads except spelt and kamut. The results has been amazing .

  • I have known five people over the years who have tried food combining at one time or another. Without exception, each one, myself included, has lost weight quickly and easily with it. I’ve recently begun food combining again. I’ve lost 6 pounds in the last 10 days, and 8 pounds over the last two weeks.

    If you’re considering food combining, but are hesitant, read the reviews of people who have actually tried it in a committed fashion; ignore the reviews from critics who have never tested it for themselves for any real length of time. Armchair critics may disparage this approach to eating. However, those who have actually tried it, rarely do. If you’ve read the other posts in this blog, I think you’ll see what I mean

  • Are there any food lists out there for the food combining diet, i.e. sample menus for up to a week, that puts foods in the order and what foods to each each meal?

  • Dr William Howard Hay began eating this way when he was on his deathbed in the late 1800’s. He died in early 1900’s due to an accident. He was restored of incurable Brights disease and went on to regain his medical practice and restore many to health from multitudes of diseases by introducing them to the same way of eating. I have adopted his plan preciously and restored my health and natural weight effortlessly and after I transgressed it took years to regain the weight. Followed properly.. “full fat natural unpasturised cream” and all – I would be surprised if anyone did not reverse their bad health and weight issues..given time and willpower to adopt this natural regime

  • Per the food combine diet we are suppose to eat fruits alone.

    I have a very hard time getting the amount of fiber into my diet naturally. Fruit and Veggi’s really do not have alot per serving and I cannot eat 5 lbs of broccoli lol.

    I have been looking into these superfoods that combine 15 servings each of fruits and veggies in a powder that you mix in water. These are 100% organic with no soy, gluten, wheat or other fillers. My daughter works in a elder home and they feed their clients these.

    Because it is veggi/fruit combo do you think it is okay?

  • i went on this diet and i lost 552 pounds!!! at one point i was weighing 713 pounds. I tried so many other diets and they just didnt do anything. When i tried this one it was fantastic. So if u are looking to lose weight i highly recommend this diet.

  • I lost 50 lbs on this 5 years ago and have had two children since and am determined to do it again!
    I’m not sure what you’re asking about milk. It should basically be eliminated all together, but if you must have a little dairy have it completely separate and wait some time before having anything else. And salad with tuna in brine is a perfect example of a good lunch. Coleslaw is fine, my husband wouldn’t because of the mayo but all condiments are okay. And tomatoes can be a fruit or a veggie so you can have them on your salad. I hope that was helpful.

  • Hi everyone.I give a 2 thumbs up to this way of life since I got started 6 years now and Iwont give it up ever.But I´m still learning about how to fit my best all kind of food.The bottom line is about pulses and soy derivated as tofu and yoghourt…As far as I can know they are a high source of protein but in the group of starches or carbs.Am I doing ok if I eat tofu and peas or lentils and rice.Besides some veggies ,as I mentined before peas, or green beans;roots like beet or turnip;pumpkin and carrots,how are they considered and consequently where should I fit them in,since I´ve got a lot of guides and none comes up with this.Well,thanks for listening to me and I hope you could help me out.And now off the record I totally encourage everyone to tackle this fabolous way of eating.Greetings.

  • this works. i have pretty poor metabolism and i used to have constant constipation. i started this separate food plan about 2 months ago and have lost 10 lbs. without exercising. pretty impressing because i have never lost this much, this easy, this healthy. constipation is gone!! ha-ha :)) and i feel great. i’m sticking to this my whole life, i’m sure. it might be hard to get used to it the first week (and i do not have long-term will power!), but if you ease in on it slowly, chances are you’ll never go back. i’m 20 yr. old healthy female, 5’6″ 120 lbs and planning to stay this way. this is NOT a diet, it’s a life-style. thank you.

  • I’ve suffered with gas, bloating, profound depression, insomnia, and poor concentration for over two years. My doctor said I had to expect these things AT 60! A week ago I started observing the rules of food combining; chewing every bite until completely pulverized; and taking HCl and digestive enzymes. Within 24 hours I felt much better, and MY HUMOR, HOPE, AND CHUTZPAH HAVE BEEN RESTORED!!! Check out Brenda Watson.

  • My wife and I have been doing food combining for a couple of months. We are around 50, and have lost around 13 lb. each. I don’t know if the combining is the trick, or if it is simply that we eat more fruits and veggies, and less fat. One cannot separate the two.

    But we look better, have more energy, my BP is normal after years of borderline high, and I eat until I am satisfied. Yes, we give up desserts, most bread, all sandwiches, that kind of thing. But we can still eat well. I travel a great deal and find sticking to the guidelines reasonably easy.

    For me, having a structure within which to work makes all the difference in the world.

    And on special occasions, we cheat a bit. That makes it easier to stick to the rules the rest of the time. Well, that plus the good results.

  • Personally, i notice i digest foods more quickly and efficiently when using this method; people underestimate the importance of proper food combination…i used to have bad gas and constipation before i found this out as well…but not anymore.

  • i’ve been eating the carbs and proteins seperate about 50% of the time.. i’ve noticed some good things. i’ve lost weight and have started eating better. the diet makes sense and as soon as i move outta my mommas house and have to cook for myself i’m for sure going to 100%.

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