Is Coffee Good to Drink While Dieting?


More and more people are coming to realize that there is a strong bond between coffee and dieting. Many studies were conducted in this area, proving that coffee has a unique effect on the human body. Coffee has been found to stimulate weight loss to a certain degree. However, according to some studies, coffee is an ingredient that makes people gain weight instead of losing it. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

What happens when you drink coffee?

When you are drinking a cup of coffee, your body reacts to it. Caffeine is a strong chemical stimulant that provides increased alertness and causes an enhanced metabolism. Coffee has been found to reduce your appetite, especially if consumed in the morning. However, it is imperative not to skip your meals, because this will slow down your metabolic rate, leading to weight gain.

There is no substitute for exercising and a healthy diet when trying to lose weight. However, coffee could be of a tremendous help. If you can drink it moderately, you will have no problems or side effects whatsoever. On the other hand, you need to be aware that drinking too much coffee can become addictive, and like any other addiction, coffee could prove destructive on the long run.

Is coffee the right choice?

When you are on a diet, coffee could help you lose some extra weight, but only if you are careful at some aspects. First of all, do not drink your coffee with sugar, extra chocolate or full-fat milk. You should go with low-fat milk, because it contains less fat and more nutrients and calcium. You need to know that each tablespoon of sugar adds an extra of 16 calories to your coffee, while a tablespoon of cream increases the energetic value by 52 calories. Hence, if you are a heavy coffee drinker, all these calories will quickly add up, leading to weight gain rather than weight loss. If you enjoy cappuccinos and lattes, keep away from your local coffee shop at all costs, because one of these drinks contains no less than 600 calories, which is huge if you want to lose weight.

Coffee is certainly the right choice when planning to lose weight, because it increases your metabolism, which translates into an enhanced weight loss process. Drinking a cup of coffee every single day can help you lose at least one pound per month. If you combine that with regular exercises, 9 hours of sleep each night and a healthy diet, you can lose up to 10 pounds per month. In the end, it all depends on you.

If you can live without coffee, you can lose weight without worrying of extra calories or becoming addicted to coffee. However, if you prefer to drink coffee, try to prepare your own at home in order to avoid any other high caloric additions or flavored syrups added to commercially prepared coffee. Instead of sugar and full- fat milk, stick with sweetened non-fat milk, because it contains far less calories than full-fat milk. The result is a beverage perfect for curbing your appetite and for boosting the weight loss process.


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