Cellulite Treatment at Its Best


There are certain areas of the body which seem to retain fat even after keeping strict diets and exercising extensively. These uneven fat deposits in the body are known as cellulite. Lipolysis is probably one of the best cellulite treatments where one can lose one to three inches around their abdomen, waist, hips, thighs and arms in a single session!

Ultrasonic lipolysis is completely non-invasive and gives results that are not only instant but also permanent. In this kind of treatment, High Intensity Focalised Ultrasound (HIFU) waves are concentrated on fat cells that are present about 1.5 cm below the skin surface. These waves destroy the fat cells and give your skin a leaner look.

Before you take any sort of treatment, it is prudent to first understand the cause of your troubles and then the treatment itself. Cellulite is the extra calories stored in your body’s cells. Evolutionarily the body stores fat as source of energy in case food is scarce in the near future. Although the fat cells are the main reason behind obesity, the unsightly appearance of the skin cannot be accredited to them alone. The fat cells are contained in the subcutaneous layer of the skin and are kept in place by connective tissues called septa. Due to various reasons like unhealthy diets, over-indulgence in food or obesity, the septa tighten around the fat cells which then appear to bulge out, giving the skin its orange peel or cottage cheese like appearance.

Tightening of the septa is caused due to poor circulation of lymph and improper transportation of blood to the cells. Problems in circulation of bodily fluids are caused due to the clogging of blood capillaries. This puts strain on the capillary tissues and weakens their walls. Thus the cellulite treatment is accompanied with medication to strengthen the lymphatic and cardiovascular system.

Ultrasonic lipolysis includes injection of sterile water and an anaesthetic into the target area of the body. The area is subjected to an ultrasonic ‘massage’ which is repeated in closely places sessions. Usually the patient has to undergo four such sessions in one week to get the desired effect.

There is another form of treatment for cellulite which involves the use of tri-active lasers to heat up the collagen in the skin. The process is especially beneficial to deal with loose hanging abdominal region, stretch marks which appear after pregnancy or due to sudden loss of weight, tucking in of sagging arms, thighs, hips and breasts. The treatment is very popular since it does not require any surgery, injections or even anaesthetics.

Although there are many ways to get rid of cellulite from your body and development in technology has made them increasingly convenient, prevention is still better than cure. If one leads a healthy life and eats balanced food, there would never be a need for them to search for cellulite treatment.

Exercise and eating right go a long way in preventing accumulation of any sort of fat deposits but are not sufficient to get rid of cellulite. Often people need the cellulite treatment to get parts of their body ‘tucked-in’. In cases where deposition of collagen cannot be helped, there may not be any one suitable treatment. More than one technique will have to be used in conjunction with each other. Hence it is better to approach a clinic that offers multiple techniques. They will not only be able to give advice about the best cellulite treatment for you, but also have the necessary equipment and expertise in case multiple methods need to be used.


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