5 Great Mobile Calorie Counter Apps for Diet and Fitness


Most of us carry our mobile phones around with us everywhere, so it makes sense for us to use our phones to help in our quest for weight loss and fitness.  There are apps for almost every purpose, from counting calories to tracking workouts.  These calorie counter apps are great tools for staying motivated and comparing results with friends.  Here’s a few of our favorites:

Calorie Counter (My Fat Secret)

This app is a companion to the Fat Secret website.  It’s available on iOS and Android, and makes it easy to count calories and track macronutrient intake too.  It has a big database of calorie values for common foods – including brand names, supermarket brands, and restaurants, as well as fresh foods.  You can scan barcodes for easy entry, and define your own foods and your own meals too.  This is a must-have free app that really helps with your weight loss goals.


The Fitocracy iOS app is a companion app to the Fitocracy website that allows you to track workouts, earn points, and chat with other Fitocracy members.  There’s no Android app at the moment, but the site itself works fairly well in most mobile browsers.  If you need motivation to help you keep on going to the gym, then signing up for a free Fitocracy membership is a great way to get it.


RunKeeper is a good way to track your running, whether you exercise on a treadmill, a track, or the roads.  You can save your routes, track your speed and your times, and track your calories burned.  You can also link RunKeeper to other fitness sites such as “EarndIt”, to enjoy the social aspects of working out.   This app is available on Android and iOS.

Run, Zombies, Run!

If RunKeeper’s stats are a bit too dry for you, then you might enjoy this fitness “game”.  Run, Zombies, Run! is a relatively new addition to the market of fitness apps.  You start the game before you go out on a run, put in your headphones and listen to the story play out.  The idea behind the game is that you’re living during a zombie apocalypse, and when you go running you’re out on missions to collect medical supplies, food, or other important items.  To inspire you to run faster, there are zombies everywhere ready to chase you!


The Bodybuilding.com app is a mobile interface to the Bodybuilding.com site, allowing you to read the forums and update your bodybuilding profile.  This site has sections for everything from weight loss to mixed martial arts, as well as bodybuilding.  If you enjoy lifting weights and transforming your body then the community, tracking tools, and exercise directory on this site will be a big help.

There are lots of other apps out there for people that are trying to lose weight and get fit, but the above are some of the more popular and most useful.  Best of luck with your fitness goals for both this summer, and beyond!

Wayne Barker writes for Slimming.com a one stop shop for information about weight loss and products for healthy living.


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