What Triggers Binge Eating and Overeating


Do certain situations make you eat more than what you usually would? Well, if you have experienced this, then you may have discovered one of your eating triggers! So what is an eating trigger? It is a situation that causes you to eat more than what you usually would, ‘without’ noticing it. Here are some common eating triggers and their solutions. 

Activity triggers

Activity triggers are caused when you are performing certain kinds of activities such as watching TV, reading or simply working at your desk. In this situation you feel like you simply can’t concentrate without having a snack at your side! (Which in most cases, is unhealthy!)

It is too easy to take in unwanted excess calories without even realizing it! So try and track everything that goes into your mouth throughout the day so that you can have a clearer idea of where your excess calories are coming from. Also substite your snacks with a healthy alternative such as fruit or whole wheat crackers!

Favourite food triggers

You know what it is like, when you see or even smell your favourite foods, you simply can’t get enough! This is a common eating trigger because of the fact that the foods people grow to love are also food that is usually overloaded with unnecessary calories!

It is not necessary to deprive yourself of the foods you love, simply limit your exposure to them. You can even try splitting your favourite treats with the friends around you and keep the portions small.

Time triggers

A lot of people have got themselves into the habit of eating at certain time such as a slice of cake after work or a whole bowl of ice-cream for a mid-night snack.

Try and identify the times that you are eating unhealthily and substitute the unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives such as fruit. You can even try and distract yourself by listening to music, phoning a friend or, if you really want to boost your weight loss, you can do some exercise!

Social triggers

Perhaps the hardest time to stay faithful to your diet is when you are around certain groups of people, who are naturally just eating unhealthy most of the time! Needless to say, negative social eating patterns will always hinder a person who is trying to slim down.

Uncover your negative social eating triggers that are causing you to eat unhealthy so that you have a clearer idea on when it is happening. You always have the final say as to what goes into your mouth, and remember you can always influence other people in what they are eating!

Identifying eating triggers and eradicating them are crucial to losing weight and getting to your ideal weight, but it is only the first step. It is important that you become aware of then and take action in eliminating them if you desire to lead a healthier lifestyle!

About the author: Justin has been a part of the weight loss industry for a number of years, first as a consumer and now as a teacher. In his own words he says, “I used to be overweight until people started making rude comments and that is when I decided that enough is enough, and lost the weight for good!” He has been at his goal weight for the last 10 years and has never looked back! To celebrate, he has released his brand new book, ‘Fat Burning Furnace’ for free for a limited time only. You can pick up a free copy by visiting: http://burnfat.me/


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