The Best Workout Gadgets 2013


Time to bring your fitness routine bang into the 21st Century? Thanks to new nifty gadgets coming into the market and ever evolving technology, now you can enjoy an even more efficient workout.

Get up and go gadgets

You don’t need a fancy gadget to work out, but it certainly helps keep you motivated. Try some of these on for size…

The Fitbit is an inexpensive piece of fitness gadgetry, that conveniently clips on to clothes, and helps track you daily activities and the quality of your sleep. What’s more, there are no subscription fees and the Fitbit syncs wirelessly with your computer or smartphone.

Alternatively, the Nike+ Fuelband wraps around your arm or wrist and uses a triaxial accelerometer to keep track of your activity. Embedded LEDs allow you to switch functions and navigate menus easily too.

Or you could try out Motorola’s ACTV, which tracks your location and activity levels, calories burned, watches your heart rate, sends text messages and plays MP3s.

The Valencell Perform Tek earphones offer a bit more than your average headset. With in-built sensor technology, they can measure your heart rate, respiration rate, calories burned, energy expenditure, metabolic rate, steps taken, speed, recovery time and ventilator threshold – need we go on? And let’s not forget they pump some cracking tunes right into your ears too.

Dress the part

Coming soon…the Under Armour E39: a compression shirt with removable sensor that measures heart rate, breathing and houses a triaxial accelerometer, microprocessor and 2GB of storage. Only serious fitness addicts need apply…and those who wish to dress like Iron Man.

If you’re more of a yoga and pilates type, try out the latest wearable tech from ElectricFoxy called The Move. Essentially it’s a vest with four sensors that can detect your posture and uses gentle vibrations to warn you if your posture’s a bit off.

Apps and chats

With our busy lives it’s now more important than ever that we fit our training into a schedule that works. Which is why ‘Skyper-cise’ is such a great idea. Basically it’s personal trainers using Skype video chat so you can enjoy a workout in the comfort of your own home.  Increasing numbers of instructors are offering classes over the web, so whether you’re looking for a relaxing yoga class or high-adrenaline Zumba, you’re sure to find something to get you active–beamed right onto your laptop.

Don’t forget there are some great fitness apps out there too. My Fitness Pal is an easy to use calorie counter that you can create an account for online and sync up with your smartphone–and it’s free.

For a more in depth analysis of your training and to set specific goals such as weight loss, running, cycling or muscle building, try iFit. This app has some cool features, like incline matching technology that uses Google Street View to beam images right onto your home trainer (if you have one) and automatically simulates the incline and decline of the terrain. Both apps mentioned give you access to a community where you can share tips and tricks, as well as find support when you need it.

What’s your favorite piece of fitness tech? Share your tips…

About the author: Liam McClure writes on a broad range of topics including fitness and technology. With the increase in fitness apps and the growth of video chat trainers, Liam thinks that future fitness will be an exciting field to watch.


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