Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone & Android


Do you finally want to lose that extra weight you’ve been carrying around for all these years? You might be able to if you own an android device because all the help you could ever need is inside a few select apps we’re going to look at now.

BMI Calculator

The Body Mass Index was invented hundreds of years ago, but it’s still used today by medical professionals to tell you whether or not you’re overweight. Some people might claim it’s not very accurate although this only really applies to people who have a lot of extra muscle mass. By dividing your height by your body mass the BMI Calculator app will tell you how you’re doing in regards to your ideal weight.

Diet Assistant

When trying to lose weight you must follow the correct diet, which basically means you need to follow one you can stick to. The Diet Assistant app will help you find one you like because it’s got a number of different diets spread across lots of different nutritional categories. It also has shopping lists dedicated to each diet you can choose plus you have the option of changing things around. There is even a forum so you can speak to other people about the progress you’re making.

Lose It!

It’s very hard to achieve anything in life if you don’t set specific goals. When you don’t have anything to aim for it’s unlikely you will be able to stay focused. That is why the Lose It! app will help people lose weight even if they’ve been too lazy to do so in the past. You can use the app to motivate you because once you know how much food you should be eating per day you can track everything and you’ll know when to stop. It means you can’t pretend that cookie before bed won’t hurt you.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Can you imagine how easy it would be to lose weight if you had someone telling you exactly what to do every step of the way? Personal trainers are expensive and most people won’t be able to afford one, but you can have the next best thing if you use the Noom Weight Loss Coach app. Not only will it tell you what to eat, but it will also give you daily tasks and there are a lot of informative articles you can read to expand your knowledge when it comes to all things weight loss.

7 Minute Workout

Now we’re moving onto something a little different because if you want to lose weight in the quickest amount of time possible you will need to move. That doesn’t mean reaching over so you can grab the TV remote, but instead it means doing a little exercise. You won’t have to do much because thanks to the 7 Minute Workout app you only need to train for 7 minutes each day. Once you get used to these workouts you will love them and the weight will start falling off.

Today’s guest author, Karen Fernandes, is a fitness enthusiast who often writes on topics related to wellness online. She is a part of the team at HCG Blue Bottle, a company dealing in weight loss formulas. She indulges in cooking and baking in her leisure time. Follow her on Twitter.


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