The Best Calorie Counter and Food Tracker Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad


Whether it is high-protein or low-fat diets, combinations of certain types of foods, awfully restrictive dieting plans, detailed daily meal plans, or simply programs that require one to include supplements or avoid certain food groups altogether, dieting is still a great challenge both for men and women, regardless of their age, occupation, educational background or class. Moreover, dieting has become almost a lifestyle in itself, taking a special place in the life of every individual who desires to reach the ideal of being body-perfect. People will not mind investing their time and money into a system or lifestyle change that will help them achieve their goal. This ideal that they strive for is, of course, vital to the pop-culture cult and it also carries with it a lot of emotional energy. Namely, people feel good when they believe that they look good.

In addition to that, logically, the investment is not only financial, but also emotional and it requires more than a mere change of daily routines. In fact, what is essential for the diet to actually succeed, what is important for reaching the body that one desires is the mental investment–changing our habits, changing our thinking patterns, routines and our MO of doing just the mundane things among which are all the choices that we make, when it comes to eating from the time of day, the number of times we eat, to the food that we choose for every of the particular occasions. Not to mention, of course, abstaining from particular food supplements such as beer or things like alcohol and sugar–the forbidden things one craves for and especially, when they are not ‘allowed.’

‘Allow’ is the key word here. Dieting is a choice, but it is also a lifestyle and a deeply integrated one in the American culture, too. Whether one chooses their diet to be a restrictive–allowed and not allowed diet–or to merely adjust their habits and introduce changes gradually, is somewhat important for the overall success of the endeavor. Namely, if one believes that something is denied to them, then they are less likely to succeed. If, one believes that they are making a positive change and do not feel like they are missing out on something, then they are more likely to embrace the changes and persevere in the pursuit of their goal.

The question is: if not restraining oneself is the key to success, if it is in fact a simple change in our daily routines, if it is a healthy choice where we would otherwise be indulging ourselves stuffing chocolate down our throats, what does an average person need in order to keep on the right track–the track that leads them to a slimmer and healthier present and future?

fitness-app-girlIt is imperative not to change your routine drastically, they say, only the little things that really matter. So, if you are a workaholic who does not really have the time to go to the gym every single weekday, you are to substitute all of the alcohol with water and eat a salad instead of a sandwich at least 3 times a week. But, how do we keep on the track? How do we stay conscious of our choices? How do we really control ourselves and the things that have become a part of us and that we do unconsciously? Perhaps the answer lies in the technology that we use on a daily basis–the technology that we would not necessarily give thought when it comes to dieting, but technology that we could, nevertheless, use for our benefit–our Smartphones! Our cell phones, oddly enough, are what can be our best ally in the struggle to lose weight, change our diet or maintain the weight.

For those who count their calories, those who want to lose the excess weight and join the slim-and-proud-of-it club, Smartphone applications such as Calorie Counter are the best kind of fitness buddy–fitness or dieting, the choice is really yours.

If you are a proud owner of an iPhone and you decide to start counting calories, you will see that there is a plethora of applications waiting to be downloaded and these little helpers either do not cost much or cost nothing at all to download and use. Even though one should not be thrifty when it comes to their diet and their health, it is good to be able to save some money – not everyone is able to exercise with a personal trainer or join a gym, time or money-wise. Applications, on the other hand, are very affordable and they come in handy! Here are a couple of apps you can use:

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker for iPhone, iPad

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, an app that is incredibly easy to use, offers its users over 2 million food items in a single database, helping them control their diet. Moreover, it offers a database of exercises–whether you are cutting down on fat or carbs, or exercising your pants off, this beautifully done app will be your buddy, tracking your body’s weight and calorie changes. Its interface is sleek and easy to navigate–the blue, black and gray will give just enough contrast, even for the tired fingers, to easily enter an item of food or a particular exercise that made you sweat! You will have a Diary option for recording what you eat, and the MyFitnessPal option for the combination of calorie-restricted diet and exercise. Calorie Counter also includes bar-code scanning, an updatable feature that will enable you to include numerous food items in your diet. All in all, Calorie Counter is not just an app tracking your calories, but an app that evolves just like your body does! It is constantly pushing the limits and so should you!

Diet Assistant Pro for Android


Diet Assistant Pro – Weight Loss‘ will offer you an organizer you can easily synchronize, a variety of options to choose from: graphic charts of your daily goals, alarms, reminders and even inspirational quotes! Not only will you program your meals and the amount of calories you intake, but you will keep constant track of even the slightest fluctuation of your weight. When you run out of ideas for the meals, your Diet Assistant Pro will offer you a plethora of quality weight loss programs to choose from and the only thing you will have to do is go through with the plan!

The Intelli Diet App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


The Intelli Diet App–certainly a twist in the dieting applications world! This app will enable you to enter all the foods that you have in your fridge and make you a program out of what you have, regardless of whether you want to lose or even gain weight. However rare it is nowadays to hear that someone is working on putting on weight, it does happen and this application is not discriminating against anyone! It will keep track of your water intake as well–you will be able to tick off every glass of water you drink. All in all, this application is built for people who do not have much time on their hands to dedicate to their dieting–it will save them time, and money considering what it includes in the price, and help them plan and eat healthy.

In the end, one has to understand that just like in other spheres of life, technology can be a man’s best ally, but also an enemy–it will never be enough simply to download and use different applications, or any for that matter, unless you apply yourself completely to the task. What makes a difference is the change and the sacrifice one is willing to make in order to reach their goal, although this sacrifice need not be too big for a person who understands the importance of healthy life. A healthy meal plan is the best way for you to raise the quality of your life, and your day-to-day gadgets can definitely help you out.

When you know what you want, it is not difficult to find a way to achieve even the things that may seem impossible–find the time to count calories between writing your reports at work, monitor your weight and take a closer look at the pie charts while you are in the metro or the bus, synchronize your shopping lists while carpooling or waiting in the line for a decaf, etc. Using applications will help you not only save time but also make the process an integrated one–monitoring the whole process in all its stages will give you a significant insight into how your body works and what works best for you.

A reasonably priced application that will also help you change your habits by mere routine and constant, if not annoyingly ever present reminding, is what every busy individual today needs!


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