What Are the Health Benefits of Boxing?


Obviously, boxing is a popular sport; you can just imagine the kind of money involved in promoting matches featuring Pacquiao or Mayweather. Many people love to watch fights and perhaps even place bets, but engaging in the sport itself is something else. Until recently, boxing was mostly for those who wanted to compete; nowadays, boxing training is widely available with fitness boxing being pushed as one of the best forms of physical training available in gyms and fitness centers.

Advantages of boxing training

What makes boxing so appealing these days? In the past, its association with violence tended to put off many women and some men, but now the benefits derived from the activity are so evident in those who take it up that many are willing to get rid of their prejudice and give boxing a go. One of the advantages in taking up boxing is the mobility of the equipment needed. All you need are some gloves, jump ropes, and focus pads, which are all quite portable, and you’re pretty much set for your workout. Trainers who appreciate the vigor inspired by the outdoors capitalize on this and are able to draw in clients who are consciously choosing to spend time outside.

The thing about boxing is that, due to the intensity of the workout, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on one session. A boxing training program for women – mothers, in particular – will probably be designed with shorter sessions keeping in mind that they’re usually rushing off to relieve the baby-sitter, pick up their kids, or attend to some of the hundreds of tasks they’ve lined up for the day. As a matter of fact, many mums love boxing for the quick results it garners. When all the other exercises can’t seem to motivate them enough to get rid of the loose flab and baby pooch, boxing definitely can. The calories burned are definitely something to reckon with.

Physical health is but one benefit brought on by boxing. While this is probably the primary goal, those who take it up will find themselves better off emotionally and mentally as well. Many people find the act of punching a great stress reliever. Since punching a bag or a sparring partner is definitely more acceptable than engaging in fisticuffs, boxing is definitely a more kosher way of letting off steam. With the discipline and the empowerment that it also invokes, those who box definitely find themselves of a healthier mindset and perspective.

Without a doubt, boxing is also fun. Even those who are not inclined to take it up will probably admit to wanting to try speed ball training so they can channel scenes from Rocky and other great boxing movies.

More than a passing trend, boxing is proving itself to be an effective, viable, and efficient way to get fit and will continue to be offered as a popular training option for years to come.

About the author: Chelsea Sawyer is a health care professional and a freelance writer who loves to write articles related to the health and fitness industry. She actually writes in behalf of http://www.theworkoutclub.com.au/.


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