Are Treadmills Better Than Street Running?


Creating a lifestyle that is focused on health and wellness is important to looking and feeling good over the years. One of the most popular exercise options for people of all fitness levels is running. There are numerous benefits to participating in running on a regular basis. It has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, strengthen and tone muscles, improve circulation, and increase bone density.

Convenience and Safety

Running on the road is not always practical, particularly when weather conditions are less than favorable. Inclement weather like snow, ice, and rain can keep even the most dedicated runners from hitting the pavement. With a treadmill, you will not be tempted to skip a session simply because it’s cold or wet outside. You can run in all four seasons, right from the comfort of your home or the gym. It’s also a safe option as well, since there is no risk for tripping on a loose rock or uneven pavement.

The ability to multi-task while getting in a workout is also achieved by using a treadmill. Many people will read a magazine or book, watch television, listen to music, and even hold conversations with people around them, all while running. It is easy to stay hydrated as well, since many treadmill models have a convenient cup holder built in.

Consistency and Accuracy

When running outdoors, you may find yourself getting tired and feeling fatigued. Without even realizing it, your pace can suddenly slow down. If you are trying to stick to a specific goal, it can be that much harder to achieve once you have subconsciously reduced your running pace. When this happens, meeting certain goals can easily take longer than you anticipated, leaving you feeling disappointed and worn out. With a treadmill, you can set the pace and maintain consistency throughout your entire session. The machine monitors your pace and distance the whole time, so you will not have to worry about missing your goals or tiring out too quickly to finish on time.

If you are training and want to hit specific goals for distance, pacing, or timing, you can do so much more easily with the treadmill. You have control over pacing, because the machine will remain steady the entire time. Even when you feel the temptation to press the button and slow things down, you always have the ability to stop yourself from doing so. Race and marathon training can take months, so a treadmill is especially useful under those circumstances.


Treadmills come equipped with many different settings, allowing you to experience various levels of incline and speeds. You can easily control the settings and create a versatile workout to meet your specific needs. Options include speed, running time, incline level, and the number of calories burned in a single session. If you are training for a marathon or a race, you can simulate the conditions with the settings.

Joint Health

Road and pavement conditions can be unpredictable, and asphalt and concrete have the potential to put a significant amount of stress on the legs. A treadmill is much easier on the joints. Machines today are available in different softness options, in terms of the surface, yet they are still firm enough to be safe and stable. As studied through clinical laboratory science programs, people who have suffered from a variety of injuries may use treadmills to begin a controlled exercise routine and rehabilitation process.

While running outdoors is a good option, it is not always ideal for many people. Using a treadmill regularly can help you to burn fat, burn calories, increase stamina, decrease stress levels, and improve your overall health. Treadmills are a safe and convenient way to get into shape and stay fit.

Author Bio: Andrew Deen is a writer who creates informative articles relating to health. In this article, he describes a few benefits to running on a treadmill and aims to encourage further study through clinical laboratory science programs .


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