5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Daily Calories


Do you want to lose a few pounds and stay fit all year round? Forget about strict diets and strenuous workouts! All you need to do is to reduce your daily calories. Simple things, such as giving up your daily dessert or eating veggies instead of rice, can help you lose pounds fast. Once your new eating habits are established, you can easily maintain your weight without counting calories.

Here are five simple ways to reduce your daily caloric intake:

Use Smaller Plates

One of the easiest ways to cut calories is to use smaller plates. Studies indicate that plate sizes have increased in the past few years. Researchers have also found that the brain associates the white space on the plate with less food. By using smaller plates and bowls, you will feel fuller despite eating less.

Get Your Carbs from Veggies

Replace pasta, rice, and grains with veggies. This rule apples to whole grains too. Veggies are lower in calories and take more space on the plate. The best options are green salad, kale, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Reduce Your Daily Carb Intake

Most foods rich in carbs have a high calorie content. Just think about rice, potatoes, cookies, and baked goods. To reduce your calorie intake, eat low carb, high protein foods such as fish, lean meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, and dairy products.

Make Small Changes to Your Diet

You can reduce your daily calories without giving up your favorite foods. Small changes, such as using low fat cheese instead of regular cheese or brown rice instead of white rice, can help you shed those extra pounds.

Cook Smart

Even the healthiest foods can ruin your diet when cooked the wrong way. Use a non-stick pan for frying or sautéing meat and veggies. Get a food steamer and an electric grill to cook healthier meals. Try adding fresh herbs to spice up meals instead of using rich, high sugar sauces. These tips are excellent, easy ways to help you reduce your daily calories while still living healthy.

This post is by Joshua Mackow from www.muuve.com, who has always been passionate and dedicated to fitness and well-being.


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