5 Best Fitness Apps to Help You Get in Shape Now


Everybody knows that getting fit takes plenty of hard work and dedication. But now there are numerous apps for smartphones that can help individuals adopt good health habits. Check out these top five fitness apps that can help you get to your goal weight.


Fleefly is an awesome app that helps motivate its users. The features this app offers will give you the motivation to start exercising, and it also tracks the amount of time you’ve worked out. It provides a multitude of exercise ideas, and it even shows individuals their progress. With this app, you can create your own personal workouts, which will help you reach your goals. It’s a great motivator to get you going, working out, and monitoring how much exercise you’re getting.


Like the name implies, Runkeeper is an Blackberry OS app that tracks your running. With the help of this app, you can track how much time you run or the distance you run. On top of that, you can set a goal and work towards that goal. Keeping track of your running is a great way to get fit, and it gives you plenty of motivation. It’s a simple, easy to use app that can get you what you need to know about your running time and distance quickly.

Fitness Pro

This app is designed for all people, from exercise junkies to those who are just starting out. This app helps you get the most effective workout possible. In addition, it tells you which exercises will help you tone the areas you want to tone, so you get the most personalized workout. On top of that, if you are new to exercising, this app helps you workout the right way. Overall, this is a must-have app for people who want to get fit.

Lose It

The key to losing, maintaining or gaining weight is the calorie expenditure. If you eat more calories than what you burn, you’ll gain weight. If you burn more than what you eat, you’ll lose weight. If you eat the same amount as you burn, you’ll maintain your weight. Use Bell.ca wireless to run this app that makes calorie counting easier because it tracks the amount you eat and the amount you burn, so you can easily reach your goals. All you have to do is enter your height, weight and age. After that, it’s a simple process of keeping track of what you eat to keep yourself in shape.


The most important aspect of getting fit is to make the right food choices. With this app, you’ll never feel confusion at the grocery store again because it tells you which foods are healthy and which foods should be left at the grocery store. This app grades foods from A to F. All you have to do is scan the product’s barcode. This makes finding healthy food easy and fast, so get Fooducate today to start eating right.


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