Why Can't I Lose Weight With Diet and Exercise?

Why Can’t I Lose Weight With Diet and Exercise?

How come I can’t lose weight? Most of the time when a person says he or she can’t lose weight, it is for obvious reasons. Perhaps you’ve experienced this with family and friends when they ask you for weight loss advice. From a distance you notice exactly what they are doing that is preventing them from shedding the excess fat, and once they correct it, they are able to get into great shape fast.

For the work mate who drinks like 10 cans of soda a day… all you need to tell her is to cut out the soda and she will lose tons of weight. When your buddy, who is known to love eating McDonald’s every single day, comes to you for some weight loss advice, you tell him to just drop the burgers and pick up the salad and he too will be able to get rid of the gut.

But while these solutions are really simple, they are solutions to obvious reasons as to why people are not able to lose weight. But how about you? You’re eating great, healthy and nutritious foods but the pounds have just stopped dropping off your body.

Well, it is more than likely that this is the result of one of many common factors. So read up on them below and hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll be well on your way to getting into the best shape of your life.

You’re not eating according to the lifestyle that you lead

If you are one of those people who is in the gym, cranking out those weights on a daily basis but you still find that your abs are covered in a layer of fat, then perhaps you need to start eating more sweet potatoes.

However if you’re one of those individuals who have a normal life where you have an office job and the only real form of exercise that you do is the daily walks with your dog… then you probably won’t need to eat so much.

The basic premise is this… the more active you are the more carbs you need to consume, as you are going to need a constant supply of glycogen. Those who are less active just don’t need to eat that much in terms of carbs.

If you are lifting really heavy weights on a daily basis but not getting in enough carbs then you will slowly but surely destroy your adrenals and mess up your thyroid. This will of course lead to you not losing the weight that you want to lose.

So if you are absolutely serious about getting into amazing shape, then you need to eat according to the level of activity you do over a course of a day.

You are not exercising on a consistent basis

While a great diet results in 80% of the weight loss results you see, you have to start exercising on a consistent basis if you want to shed those last few pounds and really get yourself into great shape.

But keep in mind that just because you exercise, it doesn’t mean that you can now start to eat all the junk foods you want. You need to maintain a balanced diet and do exercise at the same time to see the best results.

The most powerful thing about regular exercise is that it will increase the levels of testosterone and growth hormone as well as help to increase your sensitivity to insulin, all of which will help you to lose a lot more weight.

Another benefit of regular exercise is that your body will convert all those calories that you are now consuming to lean muscle mass instead of storing it as excess fat. However just remember not to go too crazy with exercise and enjoy every moment of it, because if you do it regularly enough, you will start to see amazing results!

You’re moving from one thing to the next way too quickly

While there is some great benefits to being connected to the Internet, the biggest issue we all face is the sheer amount of fat loss related information there. On top of that this flow of information just never seems to stop.

Every single day of your life you are going to find that there is a new blog talking about weight loss. Along with that, every single week there seems to be new research studies all of which claim to practice completely different things to get the best results possible.

So instead of trying out different things and analyzing the results based on trial and error, people often choose to hop online and read hundreds, if not thousands of accounts of other people. While this can serve up some form of inspiration, more often than not it will just lead to the person getting extremely overwhelmed and giving up on their journey to lose weight.

A smarter way to achieve results would be to actually just choose one program, and stick to it for a few months. This way you will be able to see exactly what is working and what’s not working. Believe me this is the only way to get the long-term results that you’re after.

You’re just not eating enough

It might sound silly but it’s a fact! Eating too little can make losing weight nearly impossible. Hence why it is essential to pay attention to your diet and make sure that you are on a healthy, nutritious and overall well-balanced diet.

However, the misconception that you should eat less to lose weight continues to prevail. While it may help you lose a little weight in the beginning, the results will be temporary at best.

The worst result of not getting in enough calories is the fact that you are causing major stress to your body. While fasting here and there has been proven to actually be good for you, going without good food for long periods of time will actually cause you much harm.

The stress that you will be causing your body will result in promoting fat storage. Of course, the other negative of not eating properly is that you are not giving your body the nutrients needed to get through the day properly.

At the end of the day a proper diet of 2500 calories will have a lot more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than a diet of 1000 calories. So please make sure that you are eating enough food; it is essential not only to lose weight but to keep yourself healthy.

So there you have it, some of the most common factors that result in people experiencing weight loss plateaus. Hopefully now you know exactly what has been preventing you from losing weight. You can now take the steps to move toward getting into really incredible shape.

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