What Is the Lowest Calorie Fruit?

What Is the Lowest Calorie Fruit?

The lowest calorie fruits are lemons, limes and rhubarb, providing fewer than 20 calories per whole fruit or serving. Most individuals cannot tolerate these fruits (other than in small amounts as a garnish or using the juice for flavoring) without adding sugar as they are so tart, acidic and bitter. There are sweet fruits that are also among the ‘lowest’ in calories. One whole, raw Carambola (star fruit) that is 3⅝” long provides only 30 calories. Other lowest-calorie picks include watermelon, which provides 46 calories per cup, apricots, which offer 40 calories for two whole fruits; grapefruits (see above) and cantaloupe, which offers 28 calories per ½ cup, cubed.

What is the lowest calorie fruit juice?

It makes sense that, because lemon and limes offer the fewest calories and carbohydrates, their juices are the lowest in calories, providing fewer than 10 calories per fluid ounce. Blackberry and unsweetened white grapefruit juices, from canned, are the next ‘lowest-calorie’ fruit juices. One cup of either provides 95 calories, 0 g fat, 1 g protein, 20 to 22 g carbohydrate and 0 g dietary fiber.

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