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2000-Calorie Diet: Daily Values

Is Counting Calories Good or Bad?

Calories are among the most counted things in the world. Almost every packaged food item that you have ever purchased is labelled with calorie estimates inclusive of fat, fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. Despite the amount of awareness available to the average American today, in terms […]

What is a kilojoule?

Is calorie counting the best way to lose weight?

Lots of people have lost excess weight by counting calories. Consider all pros and cons of calorie counting.

How Often Should You Weigh Yourself When Trying to Lose Weight?

How to Lose Those Last 5 to 10 Pounds: Mystery Solved!

Are you a woman who eats right, exercises, and tries to do everything she can to maintain her health, but is unable to lose those last five to ten pounds? It can be frustrating to feel like you are doing all the right things yet […]