Water Aerobics Benefits

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Water Aerobics Benefits


Consider the benefits of water aerobics exercises.

Thinking about getting some exercise? Consider a water aerobics workout. Although many people think of water aerobics exercises as good for people suffering from physical challenges, the truth is that almost everyone can benefit from incorporating aquatic aerobics into their weekly routine. Here are three reasons why it pays to exercise in water.

No Embarrassment

OK, this probably isn’t the first thing you should think of when starting an exercise program, but we’re only human. In addition, there are no pesky mirrors to remind us just how far we have to go till we achieve our target weight. Once you’re in the water, you are partly submerged for most of the class so there’s no need to feel self-conscious.

Work Harder

Sometimes a traditional exercise class can seem like really hard work. You just don’t know if you can last through another song on the spin bike or manage another ten leg raises. And it is hard work. But when you do a water workout, that hard work pays off, because water offers much more resistance than air, so you have to put in more effort to make the moves. Somehow, it doesn’t seem that difficult, and even if you only manage small motions, you still see the benefit of water exercise.

In addition, the water cools and cushions your joints, putting less stress on them, and it allows you to build muscle and heart health at the same time, combining resistance and cardio vascular training. Even a short water workout can be beneficial and if you’ve had an illness or injury, this may be the gentlest way to get back into a regular exercise routine.

Lessen the Impact

Water allows you to have the ultimate low impact workout. Land based exercise can be hard on the bones and joints. Every time you jump and land on the floor, there’s a significant impact. This impact is much less when you exercise in the water. Water’s buoyancy also gives you new ways to move your body that might be difficult on land. That’s why water based exercise is great for people affected by joint pain. This form of exercise can enhance strength and flexibility without contributing to wear and tear.

These three factors make water based exercise a winner. Why not try a water aerobics today?


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