Water Diet to Lose Weight

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Water Diet to Lose Weight

Water is cheap and readily available. Does drinking water burn calories? Can drinking water help you achieve weight loss success even without changing your current diet?

What Is Water Diet?

Unlike most diets, the water diet is not an eating plan. It supplements your current diet without altering it. The water diet does not require you to avoid any foods. It does not call for exercise either. The whole idea behind the water diet is that you can burn calories by drinking cool or cold water, as your body has to burn calories to hit the water to body temperature. Water need to be cool, about 50 degrees Fahrenheit; to hit this water to body temperature, the body burns about 60 calories. The colder is the water you drink, the more calories you burn. Drinking cool water is believed to help raise metabolism, which helps burn more calories, thus leading to effortless weight loss.

The water diet encourages drinking 8 8-ounce glasses of water over the course of the day in addition to whatever other fluids (tea, coffee, juices, broth) you take in. The dieter should not add any sweeteners to water; even ice cubes are not allowed. The dieter can drink any unflavored water that is safe to drink.

Does Water Diet Work or Is It a Myth?

No research was conducted on the efficacy of the water diet. Though it is doubtful that drinking water can cause any significant weight loss, water can definitely aid in the process. If you drink water in place of sugar-laden drinks, you reduce your total caloric intake.  Drinking water between meals makes you feel full and helps you avoid overeating. Water helps flush toxins from the body. Lack of water can cause serious health problems including dehydration, depression, and high blood pressure. However, drinking too much water is not safe either, especially if you have a medical condition such as kidney disease.  The current recommendation is that you drink enough water to satisfy your thirst.

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