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Avocado Calories and Nutrition Facts

Top 25 Vegan Protein Sources – Some Will Surprise You

Here’s a list of the 25 best vegan protein sources and a quick and easy avocado toast recipe to help you incorporate more protein into your diet.

How to Make a Meal Healthier

The Real Truth About a Vegan Weight Loss Diet

For many people, losing weight can become a lifelong quest. You can faithfully follow diet and weight loss programs, shun all sinfully delicious treats and basically be a focused fitness fanatic and still be left with excess pounds and fat all over. What you should […]

Vegetarian Diet Blamed for Thyroid Issues

Recent studies have pointed out that increasing number of thyroid troubles are being faced by the vegetarians. Does the vegan diet has direct relation to thyroid related health issues or is it something else which has been triggering off thyroid problems? The leading British newspaper, […]