Running to Lose Weight: Leaning to Run and Loving to Run

Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Running to Lose Weight: Leaning to Run and Loving to Run

Finding the motivation and time to exercise is something that is always in the back of our minds. Although many of us would like to just get up and run, it is hard to find time between working, cooking, cleaning, and all the stressful activities of each day. On top of that most of us don’t even know where to start. Not all bodies are designed to just get up and run a 5K whenever we want to. We have to work towards goals, and eventually get over that mental barrier that keeps us from achieving them. Once that is done you will find running, and fitness will become a part of your life.

When you are learning to run, there are a few things that are important. The first thing to realize is that when you are running for your own personal benefit, your only competitor is you. Do not become discouraged because of other’s abilities. Instead become more and more motivated with each accomplishment you achieve. For some running may come easy, but for those of us who have to work at it, be patient. It may take around 5-6 weeks to build up the necessary physical stamina to run distances like 5K.

Five or six weeks may seem like a long time, but in reality it is only about 1/10th of the year. If your ultimate goal is to run 30 minutes straight without stopping, then you should break down your training by increasing time each week. For the first week try to run 5-6 minutes five times a week. Now some of us may not be able to do this right away, so to ensure progress, walk when you need to and just make sure that you are getting in 5-6 total minutes of running in each day. Try to run for 2 minutes three different times if you need to. Then, increase each week by 5, or 6 minutes  until you reach 30 minutes. This is going to depend on whether you want to do a 5 or 6 week program. Your schedule will look like this for a 5 week program.

Week 1- 6 Minutes of total running, 5 days. May be broken up into 2 minute intervals.
Week 2- 12 minutes of total running, 5 days. May be broken up into 4 minute intervals.
Week 3- 18 minutes of total running, 5 days. May be broken up into 6 minute intervals.
Week 4- 24 minutes of total running, 5 days. May be broken up into 8 minute intervals.
Week 5- 30 minutes of total running, 5 days. May be broken up into 10 minute intervals. On this last week, you are going to attempt to run 30 minutes continuously. If you can do it right away then great, otherwise aim for the end of the week.

If you are going to do the six week program start with 5 minutes of total running and increase each week. You may break up these intervals in divisions of 4. For example week one would be, 5 minutes of total running, 5 days. Don’t be discouraged if you have to break your running up into intervals. You can use this time to run harder for shorter periods of time increasing muscle strength and mental toughness.

Once you have effectively learned to run, your will have a better grip on your life and fitness. The health benefits of running are endless. Soon you will start to crave running as natural endorphins are released during periods of extended running. A day without running can leave you feeling awkward. Running will soon become your greatest stress reliever and your best friend. Pounds will start shedding off, and your limits of distance will extend with each added step. You will become healthier, both mentally and physically. Muscles will start showing up that you never knew existed. Your stress will melt away, and complications from stress such as anxiety and acne will disappear.

For those who have made running a serious part of their lives, you seldom see regrets. Running can be hard to learn at first. You may feel overwhelmed, and it may seem like too much. However, if you start simple, and you burst through your goals, you will grow to love running. The most important thing to to know is that, you can do it. Don’t take no for an answer. Conquer the pavement and life a healthy lifestyle while maximizing your potential.

This article was written by Alina Cambridge. Alina is a passionate runner who enjoys blogging her favorite workout routines and helping others with exercise.

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